Do’s and Dont’s of Promoting Your Gym

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promoting your gym
  1. DO: Always remember your customers. Nobody likes to lose business. Never make a mistake regarding your customers. There is always a mistake to be avoided when promoting your gym. 
  2. DO: Belief in your brand. Promote your business with your product or service but never promote it through lower prices. 
  3. DO: Stay connected to your customers. Never ignore your fans. Keep your pages updated and respond to all customer feedback. Good customer relationship management is the foundation of any successful business. 
  4. DO: Keep your social media pages in good shape. Keep a good image online and try not to upload any provocative pictures for marketing purposes. Your Facebook page and Instagram page should be your promotional tools; however, don’t think of your Facebook or Instagram pages as the sole place where you should advertise. 
  5. DO: Always keep your site clean. Keep all your ads on a clean page. Not every ad will work at all times, which is why it is important to make an effort to avoid ads that look inappropriate. The smaller mistakes will impact your results the most. 
  6. DO: Monitor your ad performance. Ad effectiveness is not only dependent on your ad placement but on your advertising department’s day-to-day performance. Whatever you are using to advertise on the page should make the most of the ad space. 
  7. DO: Keep your customers updated. There is no point in having a list of customers on your Facebook and Instagram pages if you don’t use these lists to keep track of their activity. Make sure that you answer all of their questions. Make sure that your WhatsApp and email numbers are provided on your respective pages.


  1. DON’T: Make too many promises on social media. The biggest mistake in promoting a gym is to make promises on its Facebook page that it cannot keep. Customers don’t like to give away their information until they figure out which gym suits them best. Make sure that your social media promises match your practices. 
  2. DON’T: Spam your customers with emails. The key to good customer relations lies in properly managing your email database. Leave the email blasts to your customer database and send out reminders through other means of communication. 
  3.  DON’T: Invest in unnecessary advertising. If you have an ongoing series of commercials, ask yourself a couple of questions: can the product make you a millionaire in no time? If the answer is yes, then go with it, as sales will continue. However, if the product is not as important to you as your marketing strategy is, you can end up wasting your money on unnecessary advertising.

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