Top 5 Tips: Facebook Advertising for Gyms

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facebook advertising for gyms

Marketers are furiously scouring the internet for ways to increase their website traffic and expand their social presence. There are many ways to go about this, which is why digital marketing has exploded in popularity, with local businesses relying on the right combination of brand relationships, content and technological tools.  Regardless of your approach, it’s important to know what success looks like. 

Ideally, you have a strategy in place so you know what you’re looking for: 

  • How much traffic will you be able to get from each post or ad? 
  • When should you post each one?
  • Which platforms should you focus on?

Facebook Advertising 

Marketers report that 15 percent of their website traffic comes from Facebook, so it’s obviously important to put some effort into this medium. It’s also important to ensure your advertising isn’t simply a waste of time. Facebook advertising is far from automated, meaning there is a ton of manual effort involved in both building your ads and ensuring your objectives are met. Here are five easy ways to generate new, high-quality Facebook posts and to improve your results. 

1. Post something fresh each and every day. 

Update daily Facebook’s algorithm tweaks regularly, and this can cause a significant drop in traffic. In order to get ahead of the changes, you should look to post something fresh each and every day. Before implementing anything new, it’s important to run a test with a fresh landing page and a set of five to 10 videos and post it as soon as you test it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, consider deleting the posts until a better match is found.

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2. Build out your Facebook Page:

While you don’t necessarily need to build your own social media profile to create quality content and improve your social media targeting. Advertising on Facebook Pages is the ideal way to reach Facebook audiences. This way, you can compete for organic reach and improve your click-through rates and conversions

3. Use Instagram Stories

User Instagram Stories to accomplish your goals.  Advertisers can use Instagram Stories to engage users and scale your reach. In order to determine who your audience is, you can post a chronological array of Stories to find out how long it will take to return to a post and which Photos will attract the most attention. To get started, gyms should continually update their Stories but only post once a day. Once you get rolling, in order to serve more compelling and timely content,  gyms should post once every six to seven days, ideally in order to have a very clear picture of which Posts are more effective and how long they’ll attract views.

4. Use Post-To-Mobile to target audiences. 

Instagram now allows ads to be served through Facebook. However, this shift doesn’t automatically mean Instagram is prioritizing brand reach. Instead, Instagram now requires ad buyers to track their past activity to identify who their best and most loyal customers are. When you click on a Sponsored Story on Instagram, your clicks will return you to a page that offers you an opportunity to buy a branded “click here for more information” button, which will direct you to your Instagram Ads page for even more tailored marketing solutions. By using ads served through Instagram, you can achieve greater reach and increase the efficacy of your social media marketing efforts. 

4. Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to websites

Sponsored posts have become a popular way to target content in social media campaigns. But don’t just write a great headline and then add a picture. You need to interact with your audience to see where they are on the web and therefore to boost the value of your social media ads. Make sure you upload a great photo. Does the person in the picture have a brand emblem? Include it. How about just seeing if they’re often shopping on the Amazon or Amazon Deals pages? Pick up on the fact that they frequently buy products that are “It-Girls” like the Kardashians? Employ some keyword research to find the right keywords. Then, post one to three great photos to ensure engagement rates are up, while highlighting the point you want your audience to make. And this is just a little example of the power of post-to-mobile. It’s easy to understand why this method of targeting mobile is becoming the new standard. Websites are also reporting that targeting mobile influences nearly 60 percent of website traffic—making mobile just as important as a desktop in terms of internet traffic.

5. Pay to have your post seen by a specific audience

Paying to have a post seen is a cost-effective method of reaching specific audiences. When you advertise on Facebook, you’ll be able to target audiences based on specific keywords and use the ad to drive online activity

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