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Our Offerings

PPL Labs offers customizable full-service marketing packages to grow any business

Here at PPL Labs we believe in a customizable and proactive approach when developing your marketing strategy.

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Build a Beautiful Website

Your business's website is the heart of its digital presence. If your business is going to succeed, it needs a website that represents your brand, is practical and user-friendly, while outshining the competition. With over 10+ years of web design expertise, PPL offers premium website build and design, in addition to ongoing management and 24/7 support so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Get found easily during online searches

In order for your website to serve its full potential (and not be considered a floating business card), it needs to be optimized properly for search engines. PPL Labs offers support in the three key areas of Search Engine Optimization - technical, onsite, and offsite SEO to ensure that your website isn't missing any opportunities to be found in search and continues to stay competitive.

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Reach the right people using facebook and instagram ads

*PPL Labs is a Certified Facebook Partner

Facebook is one of the biggest opportunities to get your message seen online. Our approach is backed by data. We have a diverse portfolio of clients in a variety of industries which has allowed us to test many different variables for a range of verticals. We go the extra mile, therefore you can trust that you are working with a team dedicated to getting you data-driven results.

With Facebook owning Instagram, all Facebook campaigns have the option to also advertise on Instagram to increase reach.

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Soar past the competition with google and youtube ads

Whether it's placing ads in Google Search, Display ads on Google Search Network sites, remarketed audiences, or video ads on Youtube - there are always opportunities to find more customers through Google Ads.

PPL Labs focuses on building Google Ad campaigns with the highest possible quality score to consistently outrank the competition and drive the lowest cost per click. When you choose to advertise with Youtube Ads, you only pay when viewers click on your ad or watch the whole video, giving you a better chance to get your name out there at a lesser cost

Youtube Ads accommodates smaller budgets along with Google Ads. Research shows that consumers prefer video ads when it comes to eCommerce purchases specifically. It gives the consumer an inside and real life look at the product or service. Youtube Ads are also great because you only pay when someone watches the full video advertisement - when a user skips the ad, you are not charged.

*PPL Labs is a Certified Google Partner

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Implement & Optimize CRM Software

Without an organized and effective system to manage your prospects and customers, your business cannot reach its fullest potential. PPL Labs helps setup and optimize CRM software to help you automate your workflow and maximize your profits & client retention. This new way of organization makes it possible to have many clients at different stages without becoming overwhelmed.

*PPL Labs is an Official aNinja Marketing Partner

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Maximize Profits By Selling Online

Whether promoting a small catalog of products or taking your whole business online, eCommerce can bring in maximum profits. PPL offers expert eCommerce website design, strategy, and build. In addition to ongoing management and 24/7 support, we ensure that your website has an exceptional experience from the first click all the way through to checkout.

About Our Offerings

We take your business reach from thousands to millions

The goal is to reach the clients that need to hear about you. Work with us to be heard across the digital space to improve your brand and online presence to drive your business in a whole new way.

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Step 1


During the learning phase, we’ll be applying our past experience to your situation. We’ll take your
inputs and run with them. This phase is fun, but it can take some time.

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Step 2


The launch phase is the exciting part. We’ll lock down messaging in ad copy, final design tweaks for the website, and make sure you’ve had a chance to polish up your lead nurturing emails.

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Step 3


The growth phase is the longest of the three, and it can feel stagnant at time. Our team will be keeping an eye on your campaigns and strategizing for the next 12 months.

Our Strategy

3-Step Approach

Our team is committed to your success and our long term relationship. On average, complete customized marketing strategies can be up and running in around a month. Marketing is a long-term strategy, and we like to break it up into a few phases.

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