Why Gyms & Studios Must Have a Fitness Website

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website for gyms

Website For Gyms

People turn to the internet when looking for gyms in their area in today’s modern society. A few years ago, you looked them up online on a desktop, got a map, and drove out to take a tour of the gym. Today, you grab a smartphone and go, because anything after that, you can look up on your phone. With the colossal shift to mobile internet, Health and Fitness Gyms/Professionals need to stay in the game by increasing their web presence.

Health and Fitness is a field that is defined by you as the Expert and the way you conduct your business. It’s making yourself a relevant and important resource to your client base and the community as a whole.

With so many Fitness Professionals and gyms out there competing for a piece of the fitness market, it’s easy to get overlooked by potential clients. In order to rise above the competition, you need to find a way to Market Yourself Effectively.

If your marketing plan entails sending out mass emails, and placing newspaper and magazine ads, think again.


Marketing and Advertising Has Changed

The days of effective outbound marketing are fading fast. Today, you’ll need to turn your focus to inbound marketing and create an online presence with your website, social media, and content marketing so you can naturally attract your target market to you and save time for in-face interactions and clients.

10 reasons to make a website to BRAND Yourself

 Became a Client Resource 

1.) The first step is to create your website, where your current, and prospective, clients can go to learn more about you and the services you offer. However, most fitness professionals make the mistake of doing only that and no more; in today’s competitive marketplace, you need to go above & beyond illustrating your services. You need to use your website, blog, and social media to become a valuable resource with pertinent, helpful information. Think about the people YOU follow on social media with a massive follower base!

Brand Yourself 

2.) Set yourself apart from the competition, you do not want to be just another pretty face on a standard corporate site. By having your own site you are creating your online brand, as your website is a direct reflection of your authority, goals and services. Potential Fitness Clients want to work with someone they can trust. The National Association of Health and Fitness states that 80% of the people with fitness membership found the gym/trainer they worked with either from an online search. What kind of Search? Google search!

Stay Current 

3.) From the National Association of Health and Fitness, 93% of Americans are looking to buy their membership on the internet. As Fitness Professionals, we need to understand the power of internet in generating the sales we need. The internet makes it easier for potential clients to find you and your gym. Having internet presence will allow all current and potential clients to get in touch with you and the information you have at anytime and anywhere.

Grow Your Personal Brand 

4.) You may argue that you do not need the added expense of a website since your Gym or Agency has one, but nothing could be further from the truth. What happens if you leave that Gym? Personal branding in Fitness is important. You need to set yourself apart from the competition. You don’t want to be lumped in with everyone else in the office on some generic corporate website, otherwise, what’s the benefit of the prospect choosing you over another trainer in your office using the very same corporate resources?

Be the “Go-To” Resource For Your Clients 

5.) Let your clients learn about you and your services, this is a great place for the client to get to know you and confirm they made the right choice by selecting you to be their realtor. Adding tools like a Body Fat Calculator, Nutritional Guides, Information on specific training programs, and Fitness Tips will increase the value of your website. Make your website the only place they need to go.

Educate Your Clients 

6.) Let your clients learn about you and your services, this is a great place for the client to get to know you and confirm they made the right choice by selecting you to be their Trainer/Gym. Adding tools like body fat calculators, e-books on weight loss/muscle building, and nutrition calculators will increase the value of your website. Make your website the only place they need to go.

Become the Local “Go-To” Gym or Personal Trainer

7.) Having your own website also gives you an awesome advantage when it comes to targeting specific geographic locations (cities, towns, neighborhoods). If there is a certain area of town that you are trying to focus on, you can easily integrate targeted keywords that represent that area of town into your website elements through Hyper-Localized SEO strategies including URL and page titles, content, metadata, meta description, etc. By integrating these specific “long-tail” keywords into your website, you are giving yourself a distinct advantage over your competition who is focusing on broader, simpler keyword targets. This SEO gets a narrower, more interested buyer who is also more “qualified” to signup for your services. When a potential client begins to look at gyms or personal trainers in your target area of town, there is a greater chance that they will discover you. What’s even better is that your site will have information specifically about that area, so you will look like the “go-to” gym/trainer.

Networking through Blogs

8.) Creating a blog on your website could help you attract an audience. This would be a positive way to demonstrate your knowledge and build trust for your readers. With an active blog, clients can see how you want to connect with them. Blogs are a great place to link social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These sites can also help build your brand and will let them know you are available to them. Plus, social media posts drive traffic back to your site where they can explore even more.

Who Are You Branding? 

9.) Who are you branding, you or ABC Fitness Gyms? When you have your own website, it is a custom website about you (not a corporate template that comes down when you leave for greener pastures) and one that is designed to bring value to your clients. You can work with the designer to create the content, the look and you can make all the design decisions. It’s your website. Having your own custom website makes you stand out from the crowd, makes you look different than your co-workers, and shows that you are a professional gym or trainer who has true expertise in the local market. Now you can take your custom website and your leads with you, wherever you may go.

Lose the “New to the Office” Syndrome 

10.) Are you losing referrals because potential clients may be thinking you are new to the Health & Fitness industry because there is no other information about you on the internet? It happens all too frequently. It’s a digital world and image is everything, even more so in reality. A robust web presence can increase your awareness, your authority, and your leads faster than any other marketing out there.


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