Why Landing Pages are Effective

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why landing page is important

What even is the hype with landing pages? You created an ad, launched it, pulled in some leads, but the work isn’t even over yet? Come, on. 

In order to be successful in digital marketing you need to keep in mind multichannel growth, meaning your business will grow at a stronger and faster rate if you are incorporating more than one marketing strategy at once. This is where landing pages come into play and have become a key factor in closing deals. 

The internet moves at lightning speed, so if your company has a bad landing page? Show’s over, your lead is gone and already on your competitors site. So – let’s go over everything a great landing page could do, so you can keep them in mind when you’re building the next one for your brand. 

First Impressions from your Landing Page

Let’s start out with the obvious – your landing page is (probably) the first time a new lead is seeing your website. You know that saying “if looks could kill’? That’s what your goal should be for a landing page. Keep it sleek, and focused on the task at hand: turning this new lead into a client. Do you want to direct them to a contact form? Booking a meeting? (or our personal favorite from aNinja) a Chatbot? Make your goal the center of their attention. 

This is also when it’s best to keep in mind that this may be one of your only chances to provide someone with valuable information about your company or product. If your landing page is filled with general information that has nothing to do with what the client came to your website looking for, you’ll lose their interest. Provide key information that will be relevant to the Facebook or Google ad that the visitor clicked on.  Additionally,  an easy to navigate menu bar to show off the other aspects of your company. 

Improve SEO Performance & SERPs Ranking

If you’re running a small business, like so many of our clients at PPL Labs, increasing your placement in the SERPS (search engine results pages) is an uphill battle. A landing page can be your best weapon. If you create a landing page that is tailored to the ad you’re running, you’re going to gain interest when new leads visit your website. Their interaction with your site and click through will boost your SEO performance, which will help your business grow even more so. 

A strong SEO performance will boost your ranking in the SERPs and the only way to build that performance is with engaging landing pages that increase interactions with your site. It all comes back to that multichannel growth I mentioned before, everything works together to help your business grow. 

Builds Brand

A great landing page is going to show off your brand persona, while still offering well and relevant information to the lead. If we haven’t made this clear by now – your landing page should NOT be your home page. Landing pages are your opportunity to build relationships with clients by offering them services and information in line with what they clicked on. The effectiveness of your landing page is, in  a way, your first interaction with your client. Make sure that the information you are offering and the branding of the page are on par with the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build for your business. 

Does any of this sound exciting? At PPL Labs, we’re here to help you make great first impressions, improve SEO performance, your ranking in the SERPs, and build your brand. Sign up for a FREE consultation and we can talk over some stellar landing page options 😎

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