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Google Ads is, for many businesses, is one of the most lucrative opportunities to capture new business.

Yet, in a world where your competitors are only a click away, you need to make sure your Google Ad strategy is consistently optimized to stay ahead of the competition. We drive traffic to your website through strategic Google Ads placement, and we focus on building and maintaining campaigns with a high-quality score. Our goal is to consistently outrank the competition and drive the lowest cost per click, bringing more business and traction to your website.

"With video ads becoming the preferred advertising method among users, Youtube Ads are a great opportunity, especially for eCommerce. It gives the consumer an inside and real life look at the product or service. In fact, Viewers say they are 2x more likely to buy something they saw on YouTube. Youtube Ads are also great because you only pay when someone watches the full video advertisement - when a user skips the ad, you are not charged, making a smaller budget go quite a bit farther. "

PPL Labs is a certified Google Partner. The PPL team is Google Ads/Adwords trained, has access to premier Google support and has proven success with +1000 clients.

“After PPL Labs took over our advertising on Google, they presented a list of suggested optimizations to bring us more traffic. 6 months after implementation, we are generating 2,000 more clicks than we had previously generated and for $2,000 less in ad spend."


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