Valentine’s Marketing Campaigns We Love

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Valentine's Marketing Campaigns We Love

We love marketing, and with Valentine’s Day coming up, there is a lot of marketing about love. Whether you believe Valentine’s Day to be a capitalistic holiday to convince consumers to spend more money, or you are a hopeless romantic, chances are you are going to make some Valentine’s purchases. Here are some Valentine marketing ideas that make our hearts beat faster.   

1-Lincoln Love Story 

Located in South Boston, Lincoln Tavern is an American restaurant and bar. Lincoln’s social media never disappoints, but they have outdone themselves with their “Lincoln Love Story” promo. They released a marketing campaign on Instagram asking for submissions from followers who met their significant other at Lincoln. The couple with the best love story wins spray tans, hair cuts, and a free dinner on Valentine’s Day. Second place gets a $100 Lincoln gift card. This is a successful campaign because it increases engagement and gives Lincoln free content to promote themselves. People are sending them testimonials on how they fell in love in their restaurant over pizza and espresso martinis…uh genius? 

2-Dunkin’ Heart Donuts and Pink Velvet Iced Coffee

Dunkin’ Donuts has improved its marketing extensively since it was purchased by Inspire Brands, Inc in October 2020. Seasonal drinks and donuts always boost Dunkin’ sales but this year has been especially successful due to their recent audience expansion to a younger generation. Within the past year, Dunkin’ partnered with Tik Tok influencer Charlie D’amelio to create “The Charlie” drink. D’amelio has over 107.8 million Tik Tok followers who then started posting videos tasting her drink.   

For Valentine’s Day, Dunkin’ is selling heart-shaped donuts and pink velvet iced coffee. The donuts are brownie batter filled and the new drink is actually the color pink. Now, gen-zers are trying the pink velvet drink and posting their reviews on Tik Tok. Tik Tok users are being influenced to try the new drinks without even realizing it. That is successful marketing at its finest. 

Dunkin’s is also continuing their “Marriage on the Menu” promotion. You can enter into this contest to get married or renew your vows in a Dunkin’ Drive-Thru. Couples just have to post on Instagram with hashtag #DunkinIDoContest and an explanation of why they want to get married in the Dunkin’ Drive-Thru. This is free advertising for Dunkin’, similar to Lincoln’s tactic. 

3-Self Love is in the Air- Feneaux

Feneaux is a beauty brand that specializes in eye cream. This month they are running ads that promote their product, but also promote self-love. Their headlines read, “Love is in the air, self-love, that is”. Although self-love has always been important, you could say that self-love and self-care have become trendier this year. Tik Tok is filled with skincare and self-care content that has influenced many. These ads make women feel special and encourage them to take care of themselves. You can hire an awesome marketing team to create ads like these for your business- give us a call. 

feneaux marketing campaigns feneaux marketing campaigns

4-Etsy Small Business Valentine Gifts  

Etsy is always the go-to for holiday shopping and Valentine’s Day is no different. You can find customized gifts for him or her on their page dedicated to Valentine’s Day gifts. Etsy provides this home page as a way for users to discover Valentine’s finds from 1,000s of small business artists by category. Etsy is a great way to support small businesses and shop safely from home, and most artists provide proper packaging if you want to send gifts directly to your loved one.

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