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You have to be loud if you want your voice to be heard. Facebook and Instagram have an active user-base of over 2.6 billion users which makes it a lucrative opportunity for business owners looking to grow. The challenge is determining the right approach to reach the right people.

PPL Labs has built Facebook Ad campaigns for a multitude of clients in a variety of industries. Essentially, we have done all of the hard work collecting the data, so we know what works and what doesn't for your unique business.

With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, it gives us the opportunity to utilize both platforms for their strengths. Instagram is uniquely effective because it increases your visibility and reach among potential consumers. Instagram also positions your advertisements in strategic positions to blend in with the users feed or stories. Combined with the right targeting, Instagram will place your advertisement in front of the right audience.

We also have a unique relationship that we have formed with Facebook because of our experience and tenure with Facebook advertisements. Through this relationship, we are able to gain insider access to tips, updates, and all news related to advertising on Facebook. This has become advantageous for us as we continue to grow and to utilize Facebook Ads as one of our most successful advertising platforms.

“Advertising with PPL Labs helped us see an enormous return on investment and expand our business to several new locations. We spent $500 on one of our Women’s campaigns and gained 40 clients representing a net revenue of $23,880"


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