Top Tips for Marketing Gyms in a Post Covid-19 World

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gym marketing in post covid

Top Tips for Marketing Gyms in a Post Covid-19 World

When the weeks and months of living in these unprecedented times slowly come to an end, we’re all going to rush into a race for normalcy. Taking off masks, walking within 6 feet of people again, and probably using slightly less hand sanitizer than we have been. This will be the ideal time to draw in new clients and get your business running better than it ever has. Marketing gyms in a Post Covid-19 world will be crucial in hitting the ground running during this new chapter. Here are some tips for optimizing your marketing strategy. 

Advertise Post Covid-19 Workout Programs

After months of only being able to catch up with loved ones through the phone, it’ll be time for us all to relish in the ability to invite our friends over or head out on the town. The fun shouldn’t have to stop at the gym for your clients, so invite them to bring a friend with them to their next sweat sesh. Build a marketing campaign centered around the benefits of working out in a group or pair, they’ll have more fun and you’ll quickly have more client leads rolling in.  Not only will marketing gym partner/group workout plans help get your members foot in the door after many months, but will increase your gym’s exposure and quickly multiply your client network.  

Marketing Gyms with a Mobile Audience 

I’m pretty sick of scrolling through Netflix every night for fun, and I’m sure you are, too. When we finally get the chance to get off our couches, it’s imperative that you’re marketing gyms through ads and websites that are all mobile-friendly. People are on the go again and the ability to quickly check a class time or engage with an easy to read mobile ad will benefit your gym greatly. If you’re unsure how to create mobile ad campaigns or tailor your website to fit a smartphone, let us help you.  

Marketing Gym Events to Increase Customer Loyalty

The sense of community found in members who attend the same gym and take fitness classes together is something of value that was lost during the pandemic, so consider increasing supplementary events to help improve relationships between your clients. This also gives your employees the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with clients. Marketing gyms by advertising monthly happy hours after evening workout classes or coffee bar events on the weekends will make your clients feel valued by your gym, and therefore increase loyalty and referrals from your members.

post covid gym marketing

Tell your Covid-19 Story

Almost everyone went under hardships during the pandemic, with gyms being one of the hardest-hit businesses. Being transparent with customers through social media and blog posts will convey a message of understanding and solidarity. Creating a bond of returning to normalcy together will allow your client to feel more comfortable with any hardship they may have faced. Struggling with how to communicate your journey into a Facebook Ad? We can make the process simple

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