A Simple Way To Get More CrossFit Members

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get more crossfit members

Many boxes are looking to get more CrossFit members. But how exactly do you do it? You probably have a website or a Facebook page or get referrals. But how do people feel when they get to your website or Facebook page or talk with you in person?

A simple way to get more CrossFit members is to relieve anxiety. No, I’m not talking about being a therapist. I’m talking about understanding a potential client’s perspective. It’s incredibly difficult to understand why people buy or why they don’t, but you should still attempt to see things from their perspective.

A person may have anxiety about their ability to do CrossFit. They may think it’s too hard and too extreme. Maybe you could put some pictures up of normal people working out instead of top athletes lifting massive weights. You might think it’s cool,  but it scares people away.

This can go for anything such as giving you their email or phone number or making a payment online. You could put something on a form that says, “We will never share your information or spam you. Promise”. Or you could put up logos from legitimate payment companies to show that their payment will be secure.

This goes for people who aren’t sure they’ll get results from CrossFit because of their age or their situation. It’s your job to find ways to relieve these anxieties. People won’t join a box that they don’t trust or don’t think they’ll fit in.

The first part is to brainstorm and ask people what anxieties they may have about joining CrossFit. They next step is finding ways to relieve these anxieties. The easiest way to relieve them is to communicate it on your website and Facebook page. For example, instead of posting all pictures of shirtless people doing big lifts, show pictures of your community supporting each other and having fun. Show people from all walks of life. Unless of course you want the shirtless jacked types to join your box. In that case, post those types of pictures. This is about understanding your customers.

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