Why Your Law Firm Needs to be Blogging

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Other than ensuring that the design and usability of your website is top-notch, you have to have quality content.  Your website gives clients a preview of who you are and if they want to hire you.  In short, the first impression of your website can have a huge impact! 

Attract and Retain Customers

Blogs are a great way to increase leads, retain clients, and differentiate yourself from your competitors.  Blog posts help establish your credibility and knowledge of the industry.  In addition, blog posts exemplify your devotion to helping others.  Blogs essentially offer free advice, making it clear that you want to offer support in any way you can.  They serve as extra resources that clients can turn to before, during, or after their cases.  

Increase Word of Mouth Marketing

Your dedication to regularly posting blog updates displays your passion for keeping up with current trends and issues that are affecting your clientele.  It demonstrates that you are an active learner committed to bettering your firm.  It also illustrates your diligence in sharing information and being transparent with your clients.  Not only will your blogs communicate this to potential clients, but also to those who have hired you in the past, making it more likely they’ll hire you again or recommend you to others.

Blogs offer a human, more approachable side of law.  Blogs should be written in straightforward language, not legal jargon, making it easy for clients to understand and relate to.  This allows you to utilize your own unique voice, again exhibiting your character and brand to clients. 

Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Every blog post is an opportunity to catch a potential client’s eye.  Since search engines, like Google, rank individual web pages, not just websites, meaning blogging with their own unique landing page increase your chances of a higher search engine ranking position.  This means that your website will be more likely to pop up earlier on the results page outranking your competitors.  

It shouldn’t be hard to see the importance of blogging, but if you’re still not convinced I’ll leave you with one final thought: If clients aren’t getting the answers that they’re looking for from your website and blog posts, then they’re getting them from a competitor.  Maximize engagement and boost lead generation by ensuring that your website is complete with valuable content to attract your clients.  

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