Why Are You Scared?

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Cambridge, MA – MMA is one of the toughest sports in the world filled with some of the grittiest athletes available. With the popularity of the sport continuously rising, visibility of these athletes continue to rise as well. From trash talking pre-fight all the way to punches and bloody noses in the octagon, just watching some of these events can get your heart pumping. Now picture yourself joining one of these gyms. Is it really for everyone? Could I go in and try it out without getting my head ripped off?

Everyday people continue to look for more than a gym. They are looking for a place to feel proud of with a sense of accomplishment but the sport itself can be overwhelming. Redline Fight Sports brings the fight to anyone who’s willing to try. I spoke with Bior Guigni, part of the female fight team as well as a friendly staff member. “I did some wrestling back in high school but after I moved to Boston years later, I really didn’t know what to do. I tried everything, even ultimate frisbee.”

Even with everyday people giving testimonials, those looking from the outside are always nervous to try. “The staff was so friendly, there was no judgement but it was still terrifying,” Guigni said. “I walked in and Paul Rosado, the MMA head coach, was giving a lesson. He was just so friendly and invited me in to try. A lot of it in the beginning was fitness oriented but you’re learning moves. The classes have other beginners but you’re also training next to people that may have a fight next week.”

The great part about Redline, and some of the best gyms in the country, is that they cater to everyone. Class times are always changing to accommodate and they don’t “fill in the gaps” of the schedule with the people wanting to try. Doctors, non-profit employees and business professionals are free to try out any of the classes available that suits their interest. “Great fighters are always humble and understand what it’s like to start out. Our team here gets giddy seeing new people come through the door, they can remember what it feels like.”

We went into detail about the stages of new prospects coming into the door. There’s always an awkwardness but Bior explained the excitement of seeing their members gain confidence. She boasted how at month 4 those nervous members start asking about higher levels, or even the first step to competing. By that time they’re part of the family, spending the weekend with other members or joining each other on runs down at Harvard.

Seeing these new members try the class is the tip of the ice-berg. The world is filled with people wanting to try something new but scared to do so. Redline staffs their front desk with folks that have tried all their classes. With some of their athletes with over 20+ years of experience, Golden Glove winners and experienced fighters in a number of verticals, you would think members would come pouring in. The fact is there is a huge market of people that just need a warm welcome from afar. Redline knows how to create a culture that extends a welcoming hand. That invisible mass of passive prospects exists and it’s something that you must cater to to thrive in business.

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