When to Update your CrossFit Box Website

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I get asked a lot, “When should I update my CrossFit affiliate’s website?”

Here is the rule to go by: Internet years are like dog years… So for each year that goes by, it is like SEVEN on the internet!

 For the CrossFit box owner who is reading this and saying, “Well I just updated my site three years ago”. You are 21 years behind the game! You probably have coaches on your site who no longer work for you, classes featured that you no longer offer and the address is still probably your old location.

Given that most of your current and potential new members will see your website before they even talk to you, it should probably be something you are proud of, something that conveys everything your box and community stand for.

Here is what you may have missed in your absence from the Internet/ web  and what your should be askinging your “website guy” about:

– Responsive design – the ability for your website to automatically transform for the screen it is being show on, a tablet, smartphone or wide screen monitor.

– SEO optimization – updating keywords, creating new pages, all kinds of new techniques can help your site rank better on search engines.

– Google Panda – Recent updated Google has made to their algorithm, which effects where your site shows up and how often.

– Social integration – Ensuring your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts all link and are easily accessible from your main website.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad here, promise! In short you should be updating the content on your site on a weekly basis, not possible you say! I completely understand how difficult it can be to take the time to write new and interesting blurbs about your amazing coaches and classes, but it will get more people to your site and going back for more.

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