What Parents Want in a Dance Studio

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The internet is full of tips and warnings for picking the right dance studio for a child. It’s a big investment after all. Most parents understand if the studio is as great as promised, dance will become a huge part of their lifestyles and well being. I remember as a kid not being able to watch the TV multiple times a week because my older sister was watching her recital tapes. It becomes a lifestyle that never goes away!

Being advanced in any field can make you forget about the feeling of getting started. Most dance teachers are experts, everything is second nature! It’s hard for them to really understand the thought process of a mom who’s looking to channel her young one’s energy. There are some basic questions that parents will ask themselves when choosing a studio, but what do they mean and what are they really looking for?

  • Credentials – Every dance teacher we’ve worked with has been special in their own way. Some have danced on Broadway, some have hundreds of recitals under their belt and some are just impressive to watch! Parents are looking for the best for their kids but they also want to know how they will be treated. Are the teachers more focused on winning than building self esteem and character? Face to face or phone communication is important. It shows attentiveness. Be sure to set up calls or invite your prospect in the studio. It’s one thing to give bullet points of your expertise on social media, but going the extra mile to communicate speaks volumes.
  • “What kind of classes do you offer?” – Another form of this question is “how will my child grow?” It’s comforting for a parent to see a plan in place. Portraying successes of your best students is a great way to paint the picture. Every studio has their all stars that have grown up in front of the studio mirrors. That’s the passion and character parents are looking for!
  • “How will I know what’s happening?” Each teacher has their own belief for allowing parents in the class. Some studios have a window for parents to watch, some believe the class should be private. Regardless of your belief, it’s great for parents to know they have the option to participate from time to time. Allowing a class or two a month for them to jump in the class to get a first person view of how you teach is a great way for them to see your style. Seeing is believing for knowing your child is in good hands!


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