3 design tips to aim your CrossFit website towards new members

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We believe that a good CrossFit website converts interested people into paying members. It should be earning you money very quickly. How? By bringing your box new paying members.

In this post we’ll describe three ways we design our CrossFit websites that help our boxes get new members. Try them out on your site. We find they help.

1. Give the people what they want. Make it obvious.

Think about what a prospective member cares about seeing: How to get Started. About the box. Testimonials. Make sure these sections are prominent on your home page. Don’t hide them, or clutter them.

2. Answer typical questions an interested person would have

Imagine you are someone interested in CrossFit, but know nothing about it. What questions would you ask?

  • Am I strong enough to do this?
  • What on earth is a WoD?
  • Deadlift? I don’t want to die
  • This costs HOW much?

Make sure you understand who your ideal customer is and answer any question a newcomer or prospect might ask. This will increase the chances of them coming in to actually try CrossFit with you.

3. Have a sign up form and make it easy to fill out.

First, have a sign up form. Our analytics show that lots of people don’t like to call or email. But they will fill out a form. So have one.
Second, now that you have one keep it simple and easy. Only have a few questions. Don’t ask them to sign a waiver or pay anything. Your goal is to get their contact information so you can follow up with them and convince them to come into your box.

Final Thoughts

The best CrossFit websites get their boxes new members. Every week you should have new sign ups through your site. If not, you should make some changes to your website. It is your most powerful sales tool.

We hope these suggestions are helpful. They’ve helped many of our clients get a lot of new members.

Have any questions about this? Be in touch. Have an idea for a post you’d love to see? Let us know.

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