The Power of Blogs: Blogs and Their Sway Over SEO

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power of blogs

Blogging is a powerful tool to enhance your website, demonstrate your knowledge, and attract more visitors.  Not only do blogs showcase your commitment to your industry by providing information to better serve your clients, but they will help your website rank higher on search engines in turn generating more clicks and views, ultimately resulting in more leads for you!  So, let’s talk about best practices for blogging to boost SEO…

Answer Consumer Questions

When consumers have questions chances are they are immediately going to search engines like Google to get answers.  You want to make sure your blogs are answering these questions.  This might require a little research on your end to determine what customers are asking and what they want to know and how to best answer these questions.  Once you find the right topic(s) you’ll be on track to positioning your website as a resource for relevant answers.  Plus, when a visitor reads a blog that not only answers their question but provides additional, helpful insights, they’re more likely to share it with their circles driving more traffic to your site.  This will help increase your authority all while gaining a loyal following and increasing your ranking on search engine results pages in the process!

Update Blogs Often

People want up to date information.  Seldom are consumers going to trust or even look at advice from years, or even months, ago.  Search engines know this too, which is why if your website or page hasn’t been updated in a while you’re not going to rank very high on the results page.  Since the content on your homepage and inner pages may not change or need to be updated frequently, blogs are a great way to keep your website updated and relevant.  In addition to posting new blogs, make sure to circle back to past blogs to refresh content and graphics to keep it ranking well in search engines. 

Links, Links, Links

Blogs are a great promotional tool for your very own product!  Include links to other pages on your site so that consumers can get a better understanding of who you are and what you’re selling.  After reading a blog post that resonates with them, visitors are more likely to explore the rest of your site, so why not make it easy for them and guide them to other applicable pages.

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