The Most Important Steps When Opening Your CrossFit Box

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The process of getting a CrossFit affiliate open will be very different for each person, there are a number of issues one person may run into but might not apply to you. So let’s take a look at the most important steps!

1. CrossFit Level 1 Certification – you will not get approval for your request for affiliation from CrossFit HQ without your L-1 Certification. It takes a weekend and costs a grand, if you are serious about opening a business then this should not be an issue.

2. Financing and Legal – make sure you have things in order, this means if you are getting a loan, have approval before you start a shopping spree. Are you going to be an S-corp or an LLC? Important things to know before moving forward.

3. The Space – no doubt you have a space in mind, that beautiful warehouse on that great street near all those shops and walkways… but can you afford it? What is the price per square foot? Will the landlord help with any repairs needed? Be sure you are opening in the right area and picking the right spot for the right reasons.

4. Your Site – one of the most important things to think about is how you are going to get online and when. Check out our post on marketing before you open for in depth info, the cliff notes version? As soon as CrossFit HQ sends you that amazing approval letter… BOOM get that site up and start telling people about it! This is where one of our great Starter Sites come in handy.

5. Barbells – You need some equipment, and that can get expensive. This is where you need to keep a balance of good price vs. good quality. Having to re-purchase equipment 3 months into opening, not ideal. Personally, I have had great experiences with Again Faster and Rogue, as well as Get RX’d.

6. Schedule, Coaches, Cleaning – here comes the details, when are you offering classes, who is coaching them and who is cleaning up after? A lot to think about, but a good way of seeing where others have had success is to check out other affiliate sites and see what has worked. As for coaches, be sure you always have one coach for every 10-15 athletes. Remember that your members are paying a good amount per month and deserve individual attention.

I’m sure that will give you a lot to think about, so go forth, start CrossFit AWESOME with confidence and organization.

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