The Value of CRM when Focusing on Lead Generation

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lead generation

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is vital to streamlining outreach to leads and clients.  Through automation, tracking, and monitoring, CRM manages your pipeline to ensure that you’re focusing on leads that are interested.  Quality leads are key to growing your business.  No one wants to waste their time on leads that are never going to convert to clients.  Time is money and the more efficiently it’s used, the faster you’ll see your business expand.  


CRM helps to nurture leads and establish strong, lasting relationships with customers.  Through tools such as Chatbots and SMS Marketing, you can reach out to leads in a simple yet effective way.  Chatbots and SMS Marketing are crucial to lead generation.  Chatbots easily collect lead details such as names, numbers, and other contact information so you can follow up.  SMS Marketing allows you to get your message to your lead directly and efficiently increasing the chances that they’ll get back to you.  Both Chatbots and SMS Marketing feel familiar and friendly to customers.  

CRM allows you to “set & forget,” meaning you can establish processes and flows that are customized to your business and brand needs and once the triggers and sequences are set up, the messages will be automatically sent to your leads.  You don’t have to do anything else but maintain these flows – checking in to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

Tracking and Monitoring

CRM allows access to many useful data metrics.  With insight on outreach and lead generation numbers, CRM provides easy to digest information allowing you to further understand how your flows and nurture campaigns are doing.  Specific reports can be generated and analyzed depending on what your goals and targets are.  Reports help to explicitly point to which actions are translating to leads and eventually to a sale versus where leads are no longer engaging with your contact efforts or why quality leads aren’t converting.  By critically examining what is and isn’t working you can adjust your process and outreach efforts to better align with your strategy and goals.  

CRM is crucial to your business’ lead generation.  Not only does CRM aid in generating quality leads, but it improves your communication with potential customers, increases conversion rates, and helps you gain loyal clients.  If you haven’t invested in a CRM system yet, what are you waiting for?  Schedule a demo with PPL Labs today to learn more about how we can help you utilize aNinja to increase lead generation, optimize automation and nurturing, and save you time.

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