The Fun Isn’t Just For Adults

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The competitors are getting an early start these days. The teenage division at the CrossFit Games is even younger than it’s competitors entering it’s second year and the young bloods are already lining up. All of the worlds qualifiers will go directly to California to compete with the best of the best and the athletes are already set to go.

With a generation that’s been accused of spending too much time in front of video games, there’s still some hard nosed teenagers out there ready to get some chalk on their hands. Enter Kerstin Gries and Hunter Wilks both of whom have qualified for the Championships in 2016. Both are competing in the 14-15 division out of CrossFit 77 in Mooresville, NC. Who knew Mooresville was the mecca of elite CF teenagers? 

CrossFit is a sport of “that voice inside your head.” With every part of the journey, there is doubt at some point in time for every athlete. The most common point in time is when athletes are thinking of getting started. “We are all afraid. Especially when it comes to competing, but what you have to remember is that everyone starts somewhere. Just start.” Kerstin told me. 

The future of fitness is going to be on display this coming July. The young program has already put on display some kids that could compete in the adult divisions. It’s a big stage that these two will be jumping into but expectations don’t seem to be a focal point. The focus is within themselves. Hunter had a great approach and said “I’m looking to have a lot of fun and am planning on doing well knowing the competition and my strengths as an athlete.”

It was easy to see the leadership qualities that have grown inside these two competitors. CrossFit continues to reach it’s arm out in more demographics as the sport grows. Getting teens started early in the sport teaches more character and humbles those going through the grueling WODs with the mental capacity it takes to smash personal bests. I think Hunter put it best – “I really want to get better and be great at the sport. I realize the pain isn’t forever.”

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