The Affiliation Dilemma

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So you have a business plan, some form of financial backing and the dream of creating a place for people to achieve their fitness goals. There comes a point in every CrossFit entrepreneurs journey when the decision to officially affiliate must be made. Let me amplify the little voice in your head that is saying “THE LONG TERM BENEFIT WILL OUTWEIGH THE INITIAL COST!”.

The current affiliate price of 3k per year (and probably growing) is a steep price for a small business, there is no debate there. There is a great deal of equipment that can be purchased or upgrades to the space that can be made for that amount. However, the case can be made that 3k per year is actually a bargain.

Let’s look at the benefits:

– Search volume – the amount of people in a given geographic area searching with the term CrossFit is far more than those searching for a regular strength and conditioning gym.

– Main site access – each affiliate is linked from the CrossFit main site to their affiliate website. This is extremely valuable due to the amount of visitors to that site each day.

– Word association – unlike 5 years ago, the term CrossFit is growing in relevance amount the general public. Meaning that sign outside, your t-shirts and your business cards all mean more to the person driving or walking past.

– The Community – CrossFitters know CrossFitters or at the very least potential CrossFitters. Let’s say Suzy an avid CrossFitter in a nearby area hears about your new box, but lives on the other side of town. She may already be loyal to her affiliate, but someone in their family or circle of friends might be perfect for your gym.

Now let’s tie these benefits to something tangible. Let’s assume you charge $100 for monthly membership and that your members stay for an average of a year. If you gain 5 clients in your first year because of the benefits outlined above, it would result in $6,000 in revenue. This would more than double your initial investment, sounds like a no brainer….right?

Here is where you start

1. Apply for affiliation

2. Register your domain

3. Set-up your first landing page

and of course check back with PPL Labs for more ways to keep your CrossFit affiliate running efficiently.


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