SEO and Thought Leadership Tips

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Greetings From PPL Labs!

Here at PPL Labs we pride ourselves in building an engine that takes any box to the next levele.  The post below is a taste of the kind of coaching we do with clients to help them build businesses that will stand the test of time. We do this every day and our roster of boxes reads as an all-star team of the worlds very best within the sport. Give it a read and please feel free to share!

Easy SEO and Thought Leadership Tips

  • Create content assets. Specifically “Evergreen” content.
    • Content which isn’t time sensitive and remains up indefinitely without losing relevance is known as “Evergreen” content
  • Examples of NOT Evergreen content include:
    • News articles, Videos regarding the latest trends, Seasonal Images,
  • Examples of hot Evergreen topics for a CF box off the top of my head might include:
    • Weight loss, CrossFit Safety, The evolution/future of CrossFit, Commentary on specific movement patterns, “How CF changed your life”,
    • Different or Contrarian takes on the above are especially useful. Established wisdom is just that: Established.
    • Use “Social Listening” to determine what content hits best
      • Exercise Social Listening: Go onto Facebook and find the FB pages of other box owners who are particularly successful. Look at what is being shared, liked, and commented on. Focus on creating intellectual content specific to those topics.
  • Share content you’ve created places other than your own website.
    • Look for places to guest blog
    • Contribute a column someplace online
    • Maximize “backlinks”
      • A back link is a link to your website someplace online other than your own website.
        • Each back link is a tiny drop in your “SEO bucket”
  • Juice up the quality of images and videos you share on Facebook, Twitter, and on your website.
    • Share them freely, encourage friends to do the same.
  • Follow 1000 contemporaries – i.e. other box owners and fitness pros – on Twitter. Like as many boxes as possible on Facebook
    • “If a world class box exists in your town and nobody knows its there, does it make a sound?”
  • Spread the word about what you do!
    • Give everything you post a “Big Idea” Steve Jobs style headline.
    • Get people amped to read and share your thought leadership in your field.
    • Keep these under 140 characters so that they are tweet able
  • Everytime you share content view that as one SEO “Push”. This means that it adds a drop to your “bucket”. However, did you know that every time you update that same content it “pushes” again?
    • This means that if you share a blog and edit it and repost it often, it builds momentum and improves SEO.
    • Keywords, Keywords, Keywords, Did I mention Keywords?
  • When you create content – and you should be creating as much as possible to leverage your thought leadership – use the most powerful keywords possible specific to CrossFit – Some example keywords
    • CrossFit, WOD, Firebreather, Olympic Lifting, Fitness, Health, Vitality, Weight-Loss, Gymnastics, The names of CF Superstars like Samantha Briggs and Rich Froning.
      • Use these words as much as possible.
  • Don’t just focus on Facebook/Twitter/Your Blog
    • Once you have the intellectual content built you need to use it to establish thought leadership. You can share this content on your website, FB, and TWTR of course but don’t limit yourself to those. Also build a trusted profile on the following:
      • Reddit
      • Stumbleupon
      • LinkedIn
      • Yelp

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or have an interest in learning more about what we do.


Dan Baughman

Director of Business Development
PPL Labs
617 – 935 – 1773

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