Pinterest For CrossFit: How to Setup Your Page

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You might want to use Pinterest for CrossFit since it’s the fastest growing social network in the world. If you like using it then I’d recommend that you try it out.

Pinterest is a website where you have a pinboard and you can share photos and put them in collections. If you regularly take pictures of your CrossFit box, then Pinterest may be a great option for you.

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to:

You probably want to start a business page since your CrossFit box is technically a business.

Click the big red button and join as a business.

Step 2: Fill out your profile

On the next page you’ll need to fill out the form properly. You should also upload a photo.

Step 3: Fill your feed

Your feed is basically where you can create collections and start pinning things. You can post your own photos as well.  If you search “CrossFit” you’ll find tons of “Pins” and “Boards” that you can check out.

There are many people on Pinterest with the same interests as you. That’s kind of the point.

Step 4: Find Friends

You can use the friend finder to find people that you may know. The easiest way to do this is to find people who are already members in your box.

Also, about 72% of Pinterest users are female so this may be a great way to target the female audience for your box.

I hope this guide helps for using Pinterest for CrossFit and until next time.

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