People Over-Selling On FaceBook Are The Worst

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Is there anything more annoying than getting those telemarketing calls with recorded voices? They give you a ring a few times a week until you opt out to offer up a free trip to the Bahamas. They’re constantly selling just waiting for someone to bite. Sure, they have some success but it’s very minimal.

I think we can all picture that person on Facebook that’s constantly selling and providing no value. It might be the supplement associate trying to get you to buy the new miracle powder, the hair salon that posts before and after pictures or even the trainer posting his “special offer” for the tenth time this month.

We get it! We know what you sell and we know that you’re there. This is the easiest way to get unfollowed on social media. Here are some tips to turn your followers into an audience and not just people who scroll over you.

Provide real value. Why in the world would a trainer recommend at home work outs on their page? Why provide meal plans on your page if that’s part of the offering? Your readers know they can workout at home and they can ask friends for meal plans. This is free information anywhere. Also: 1) People will come to the site to gain this knowledge and will be more apt to return in the future. 2) Exposure, Exposure, Exposure. This will turn your Facebook or site into a destination for information and your offering will always be in the back of their minds. This builds a solid and repeat audience that will build a good foundation for the business.

Expand your content. Clients will come to your business for more than just buying a service or product. To touch on the salon example earlier, it’s important for them to know they are getting more than a new hair style. They are gaining confidence and a new sense of self from the experience. Don’t just talk about hair styles on Facebook. Talk about where to buy new shoes, a great look for makeup or best things to say on the first date. This holds true for all businesses. Expand your reach to everyone and let them know your expertise goes much farther than a specific offering.

Do not oversaturate. Even if you have great content to put out there, it’s important to stay consistent. Post at the same time of day and the same day of the week. If you only post once a week, do it at the same time (maybe Wednesdays at 5PM) so people know what to expect from you! Another common mistake is flooding social media with pictures. If you just had 15 pictures taken, don’t release them all at once.


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