Our GOAT Campaign – Facebook Ads Campaign

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greatest of all time facebook ads campaign

What We Have Learned From Running Hundreds of Facebook Ads Campaign

Here at PPL Labs, we focus on marketing for other companies. However, we also run our own internal campaigns, and there is one in particular that we refer to as the “GOAT” (greatest of all time) campaign. We call it this because of how well it has performed, thanks to one of our marketing specialists, who created this gem. We are sharing this campaign to show how important it is to work with a digital marketing team that knows what they are doing. 

Our wildly successful ad campaign is in the wealth management industry. We created a Facebook Ads campaign and showed it to a lookalike audience at 1%. This means we used a custom audience that we uploaded into Facebook. We included our price in the headline and a few different ad texts. Lastly, we picked one, simple image. That image ended up bringing us hundreds of leads. It is through this campaign that we learned more about the dos and don’ts of Facebook Ads.  

Trust The Data

If something worked for you in the past, you should probably use it again. Whether it was a headline, ad text, or for us- an incredibly successful image, try it again. If Facebook likes it, and it is performing well, why stop using it? There is no need to create new ad parts of the ones you already have been successful. We used a picture once, and it generated lots of leads for us. So, we used it again and again. Other graphics with the same headlines and ad texts just do not perform as well as this one image. Therefore, we are going to continue to use this image until it gives us a reason to stop.  

Show Pricing

Do not be afraid to add pricing in the headline of your ad. We included our price in the headline which, theoretically, could be a risky move. However, it benefited us because it weeded out the leads that were not willing or able to pay our fee. This way, we gained high-quality leads. We used our most expensive price, and people still clicked on this ad the most. This also helps our sales team be more efficient in their calls, as they will be dedicating their time to higher quality leads rather than spending time on leads that cannot afford our services.

Stay On Top Of Optimization

One of our marketing specialists checks this campaign every day to see if the software is giving any suggestions and to make sure all ad texts are properly showing. She is mindful of the budget and keeps the ads running at a reasonable cost. She pays attention to where the money is being spent. This marketing specialist is also the best person for this campaign because she knows how to interpret the data. Ad campaigns give lots of data that will tell you how the campaign is performing, how many people are seeing it, how long someone watches your video…etc. For example, the click-through rate will basically tell you how users are viewing your ads. Marketing specialists know when the frequency is too high and when changes need to be made. However, data is useless if you don’t know what it means and how to interpret it and then apply the necessary changes. This is one of the many reasons we suggest hiring a digital marketing team so experts can do the work for you. Let us handle your marketing while you focus on your business.

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