3 Common Objections To CrossFit And How To Deal With Them

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CrossFit is too expensive

This is probably the biggest objections to CrossFit. CrossFit is typically more expensive than the average Globogym, but that’s nothing to fret about. You shouldn’t be trying to compete on price with these other gyms because your service is different. CrossFit has a stronger community than any of these gyms and it’s something that’s hard to get somewhere outside of CrossFit.

CrossFit is a results based program with coaches who have been there and done that. You need to make it clear to potential customers that you are not just another gym. They need to feel that if they sign up with you that their lives are about to change.

CrossFit has too many injuries

The safest form of exercise is no exercise. You’re much less likely to get an injury from sitting on your couch and getting fat than you are getting a great workout. When doing any physical activity – you run the risk of injury. But many times, doing physical activity will prevent injuries as well as health issues. You need to make potential customers aware that you’re not going to have them do anything they can’t do. Coaches should work around people’s particular cases to help them reach their goals.

CrossFit doesn’t get people results by hurting them. While not all boxes are created equal – safety should still be a valid concern for your clients. It’s up to you to make people feel more comfortable to workout at your box.

CrossFit is too extreme

This is a another common objection to CrossFit. It’s surprising how many people think that CrossFit is for pro athletes and military people only. The fact of the matter is that the majority of CrossFitters are not pro athletes – they are regular everyday people.

You need to help people become aware that they simply start where they are. If someone hasn’t worked out in 2 years then you probably should help them adjust to a new lifestyle. If you push them too hard at first – they could either quit or get injured. You probably even have pictures on your own website showing how “hardcore” your box is. You may have pictures of jacked people puking after some crazy workout or doing huge deadlifts and squats. This might be scaring people away. Realize that most of your customers are going to be regular everyday people.

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