How To Deal With Misconceptions About CrossFit

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Misconceptions about CrossFit

There are many misconceptions about CrossFit and as a box owner or trainer, you’ll need to learn to deal with them. Sure, CrossFit might not be like other workout programs, but you need to be able to explain to people the differences.

Some misconceptions might be:

  • CrossFit is a cult
  • CrossFit is only for hardcore athletes
  • Everyone gets injured in CrossFit
  • Everyone does the same exact workout
  • You have to be in shape to start CrossFit
  • You have to eat Paleo to do CrossFit

And the list goes on… I’m sure you can think of many others.

It’s your job to communicate that CrossFit is not necessarily any of these things listed above. You should be aiming to deal with these misconceptions upfront through your marketing. By marketing, I mean: website, landing pages, advertisements, reviews and directories.

How are you communicating with people through your marketing? When a person goes to your website, would they feel interested or intimidated. If you have pictures all over the place of people doing all these crazy lifts with their shirts off, you might be scaring people away. Think about what you’re really communicating. It needs to be aligned with your target market. If you’re trying to attract jacked guys who are in their 20’s then communicate for that. If you’re best customers are working professional in their 30’s and 40’s then you may want to tweak your marketing message. The best way to deal with misconceptions is to alleviate them before people can even ask about them.

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