Marketing Before Opening Your Affiliate

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It can be very tricky trying to figure when it is best to start marketing the box you are about to open. Should it be a couple weeks or a couple months in advance?

So here is the rule, if you have an open date, you better be marketing! As long as you have a date circled on the calendar and you are upfront with potential clients about when they can expect to start, you have nothing to worry about. Many box owners fear the situation of having people call and email without being able to fulfill a potential members request in a timely manner, but if you mention the open date, you are o.k. Here are some ways to keep members in waiting engaged before they can WOD:

– Email Newsletter – get the email address for all the people interested in joining you box, then send them notes with updates on the gym opening. These updates can include equipment purchases, classes you will be offering or coach profiles.

– Facebook – this is probably the best place to keep people informed, ask questions and get immediate feedback. With the right style of updates and sharing, you will have hundreds of “likes” before opening day.

– “Waiting List” – when you speak with potential members on the phone or via email be sure to mention that you can add someone to the waiting list. Hopefully you do in fact have a list of people waiting to join, but never the less, people like to hear that there is a group ready to go at the opening.

– Grand Opening – this is the big day you are promoting! When the city council is going to come cut the ribbon at your location! Plan for food, fun, games and a major WOD.

The last piece of advice that comes with marketing for your opening is DO NOT MOVE THE DATE! Keep your eye on the prize and do everything possible to make it work, even if it’s not perfect!


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