Listing Your CrossFit Box in Online Directories

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Why Listing Your Box on Online Directories Is Important
An easy way to get more people to find your box is to list your affiliate on various online directories. People actively searching for a gym will find you and stop by your site, or your box to learn more.
The concept of listing your box with an online directory is the same as listing it with a print directory. You include your basic information such as the name of your box, a description of your services, your location and the way to contact.
When your target customer goes online they will likely use a search engine, like Google, to search for gyms or even CrossFit gyms in their city.
You want to show up in the results when those people are performing those searches. To make that happen you want to list with the most important online directories.
So Which Directories are Important?
Here is a short list of the most important directories to use. If you sign up for Google Maps and Yelp you’ll already be a long way there.
1. Google Maps / Google Places
Google is the most important directory for listing your box.  You want to create a Google Places page so that when people search in Google Maps you pop up beautifully. We’ve written up some instructions on how to do that here.
2. Yelp
Yelp  is a well-respected online directory. Getting yourself up there and managing your reviews is very helpful. We’ve written up a friendly guide on how to do it well here. Check it out.
3. Bing
Claiming your listing on bing is a lot like setting Google Places, but Bing still has fewer users. But if you want to be more comprehensive, you can do it here.
4. Yahoo!
The Yahoo! Directory was one of the first reputable online sites to offer a business directory. By listing your business with Yahoo!, you will rank well for those that use Yahoo! for searching.
Hope this helps. If you have any questions feel free to be in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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