If You’re Not Practicing These 5 Steps, Stop Your Outreach

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Kelly Kennedy, PPL-Labs Outreach Specialist – First impressions are important but they’re not everything. No matter what business you have, the life of selling a new client, especially those debating choosing you, can be a long road. Doubt enters the mind of these folks all the time in a number of different ways. It’s important to to set yourself up for success! Maximizing your client base by following these basic steps:

Create a Compelling and Clear Value Proposition

  • This is the primary reason prospects should choose you. People always ask “What makes them different? What’s in it for me?”
  • You should be able to define the value of your gym in a single, instantly credible, sentence and have this posted everywhere you can

Build a Sales Funnel

  • Slow down the sales process by creating awareness, giving prospects interest and then ask for the sale
  • Do this by offering value and showing results before asking for a sale
  • Offer proof and testimonials as to why your clients choose you!
  • Capture the leads contact information and continue to communicate with them.. If you’re a gym, you can offer a free blog of fitness tips on the site, then give them an incentive to sign up for emails by offering additional videos with workout tips

Cut the Jargon

  • Write for the average person! Imagine you had to explain your gym to a friend. Write the content thinking of this

Address Objections

  • Whether it’s conscious or subconscious, every lead will come with some friction that will cause hesitation.
  • Address the concerned customers head on. Nothing creates doubt more than dancing around questions and repositioning them

Increase Trust in your Business

  • Prove to prospects on your page that you are a trustworthy organization to do business with
  • Make it easy to verify the accuracy of information on the page. Show citations and testimonials
  • Highlight any expertise within your organization, post any credentials
  • Show that honest and trustworthy people are behind you site by posting photos of employees
  • Make it easy to contact you by posting email and phone numbers
  • Have the design look professional, amatuer site immediately kill trust
  • Keep everything on the site/media up to date. Let people know you’re constantly growing yourselves!
  • Use restraint with promotional content (like ads and special offers)
  • Make sure the site is always fast and up and running and make buying easy

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