How to Strengthen Customer Loyalty

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customer loyalty

Consumers are constantly faced with choices about where to spend their money.  How do they ultimately make a decision about purchasing?  They look to see who is putting in the extra effort to gain their trust.   

Since small businesses have a smaller customer base, they have more of an opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers.  So how exactly do you start to foster that relationship?  Make sure you’re doing these four things: 

SMS Messaging and Email Marketing

When people think of trust they often associate it with honesty.  Honesty is more than simply telling the truth, it’s about transparency, customers need to know that you’ll stick to your word.  You have to communicate with them, giving them timely and accurate updates and information.  SMS messaging and email marketing can play a big role in this.  Make sure you give your customers platforms to access you!  If you don’t use a CRM solution already, we recommend investing in one to keep in touch with customers, manage contact information, and implement marketing automation. 

Use the Latest CRM Tools for Seamless, Professional Communication 

Every customer interaction should leave a positive impression of your brand, product, or service.  Whether it’s in person or online, customers should be satisfied with your conversation.  Listen to your customers’ experiences; be proactive to address concerns and gracious to positive feedback.  Utilize CRM solutions to easily keep track of customer interactions and feedback while providing exceptional customer service.  Quality customer service not only creates happy customers, but has the potential to increase customer spend.  

Customer Retention

Always have your customers’ back!  Offer fair prices for your services, understand the needs and expectations of your customers, and follow through on your commitments.  If you’re a small business owner, this can be as simple as making an effort to get to know your customers.  

Word of Mouth Marketing

Make sure your company is committed to doing the right thing!  Not only for your customers but for the community.  If customers find that your values align with theirs, not only will they be more likely to get on board, but they will be more likely to tell others how great you are!  Always remember that loyal customers are the best marketers!  Customers who trust your company are more likely to tell potential customers about your brand and share their positive experiences.  

Ultimately, consumers will gravitate toward your brand because of the unique service that you are offering – amplify what makes you different from the rest and capitalize on what makes you stand out.

customer retention

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