How to Promote Your Small Business Online

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There’s no denying that we live in a digital world.  In order for your small business to gain recognition and increase sales, you need to occupy digital space! PPL Labs offers a wide variety of services to ensure that your online presence stands out.  Through web design, digital advertising, and lead generation practices your business will prompt more clicks and make a lasting impression on potential customers.  

Web Design

Your business website is often the first impression customers get of your company.  It’s no longer enough to simply have your address and business hours, customers want to know your story, your values, what makes you unique.  Your website is a digital representation of who you are and what you stand for as a business.  Be sure you create a beautiful, made-to-convert site so that visitors have an excellent viewing experience that adjusts for any type of screen.  

lead generation and web design

Digital Advertising

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements on every platform – make sure yours catch their attention!  The highest quality ads allow your business to gain exposure and boost lead generation.  Utilize Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to build and maintain ad campaigns that will outperform your competitors.  Create campaigns with various text and image combinations to test different variables and examine what ads are performing the best.  Capitalize on these ads to drive the best possible results and increase conversions.  

lead generation through social media

Lead Generation

Without leads, you’ll never get clients.  Utilizing online lead generation methods such as a chatbot allows you to easily get lead information while providing top of the line customer service.  Chatbots can gather lead’s names, numbers, and contact information in addition to scheduling appointments, taking messages, sending follow-up texts and emails, and answering basic questions. Plus, creating a personalized chatbot allows you to illustrate your company’s personality and brand imaging.

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