How to Get Your CrossFit Affiliation

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So you are finally taking the steps to realize your dream of owning a CrossFit box, now you just need the all important permission from HQ to use the word CrossFit! The process is actually really easy, but can be time consuming and nerve wrecking.

First, of course you need your L-1 Certification. If you don’t have that already, it will just add a few more weeks to your timeline.

If you already have your certification then you can move on to the next step, fill out the application, which can be found here. It’s just some basic questions and an essay about why you want to be a box owner. Only advice for this step is to be honest and write what you feel.

Unfortunately the next step in the process is to wait, and wait. It may take several weeks but unless there are some unknown skeletons in your closet, you should be approved.

So, hopefully you now have you affiliation approved, but before you can call yourself a CrossFit gym owner there are some additional things to do. Get your insurance taken care of, we recommend Affiliate Guard.  This is also when you should be thinking about getting your site up and running. As soon as you are approved you purchase your URL and link your site to the CrossFit main site. You may have heard me harp on this before, but this is a great time to look at the PPL Labs starter sites as a way to get online, fast and not spend a lot of money.

For more info on steps beyond just getting approved for your affiliation, check out our post on Important Steps for Opening Your CrossFit Box.


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