How to Contact People Who Sign-up on Your Website

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Many boxes have a hard time getting people to sign up on their website, so that become a huge focus. The gym then forgets that the people who are actually signing up need to be handled with the specific goal ensuring they are comfortable enough to become a paying member. We will break it down into two parts, the first is how to contact these potential new members.

Contacting your Leads

After people sign up for a Free Trial, you’ll need to schedule a time when they can come in for their free trial class. We recommend that you set aside two 1 hour sessions for Free Trial members only, with one of the classes scheduled on Saturday.

We can set up our Free Trial Sign-up forms to instruct a Free Trial Member to call your box and reserve a spot in one of your classes. In addition, we can set up an automatic e-mail to be sent to a member after he signs up, with available class times, and directions on how to reserve a spot in one of the aforementioned classes. However, with some Free Trial Members, your staff will actually have to contact them directly to schedule a time. Here are some guidelines:

– E-mail a Free Trial member, letting him know who you are, and that you’re about to call to schedule a time for him to come in and do his free trial session. Include the phone number that you’re going to use in the e-mail, so that the member will be able to recognize the caller ID when you call. Call in the next 6 hours

– Think about the best times to call a sign-up. Weekdays after working hours work better, and weekends work even better.

– If you’re going to leave a voice-mail  plan it beforehand. Make sure the sign-up understands why you’re leaving the message, and what his next steps are.

– Don’t assume that leaving a message will mean that the sign-up will call you back. Plan to follow up after 24 hours if he doesn’t call you back

– Be patient. Some sign-ups will reserve their spot within 24 hour of registering for a Free Trial session, while others will take as much as 2 weeks to do so.

Next we will take a look at how to convert these potential members once they actually get to your location. Find Part 2 Here!

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