How Should I Establish the Digital Marketing Strategy for my Startup?

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digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy for Startup

Are you a startup running out of cash and can’t pay your bills? You might be forced to lay people off. You also might have to close your doors. You might even look for investors if you’re not a “unicorn” of social media like Facebook and Google. Sometimes the only solution that you have at hand is layoffs, but that can have negative repercussions for your brand and your advertising efforts. If you have an effective digital marketing plan and are ready to implement it, the only thing left is getting a steady stream of revenue, and, of course, not burning your whole warehouse down. Let’s figure out how you can set yourself up for a sound digital marketing strategy and avoid the layoff blues.

Get The Support You Need To Make Your Strategy 

It’s an expensive mistake to run on a huge PR budget for Facebook when you have zero revenue. Besides social media, experts will tell you to use some type of digital marketing tools like SEO (aka organic search), social media marketing, your product for web design, promotions, and direct marketing. They will tell you that nothing is too much. The question, however, is how to make the ROI on your digital marketing strategy appear real and in context with the other resources you might have. 

You have to feel the pain if you’re leaving your budget up to the mercy of digital marketing SEO, social media, etc. You have to be strong and committed and make sacrifices. It’s not an easy decision. Once you’ve decided to make such sacrifices, you have to ask yourself what impact your campaign will have on your profitability and growth. You have to ask yourself how effective your strategy will be without any kind of support at all. You have to make sure your strategy becomes an execution. It’s more than a logo, a website, and a product. You need to think hard about what that look is and the goals behind it. 

Bigger And Better Days 

If you’re still working with someone you trust in the digital marketing department, then you have another choice. You could invest in your own team. You could hire someone who understands the field and has already built up its reputation within it. You could even just go to other startups and request the help of their sales teams. It’s more than just hiring full-time employees. In today’s world you need more than just your marketing head, but the expertise you need to build that strategy. You need your sales staff too. 

Here’s how you should set up your team: 

  • You have to be strong and purposeful. It’s much better to hire someone who knows more about the industry. Learn what their strategy is and use that. 
  • You have to pick people with the skills to execute. Get someone with a digital marketing background that knows how to be in tandem with your client teams. 
  • You have to develop the whole organization into an automated program. You need to keep your “people” in the loop and give them the best opportunity to show their skills. You have to really expect your team to be training and growing every single day. 

What Are The Expectations? 

At the end of the day, you have to put the money into your team. You have to make sure your strategy works, and you have to constantly keep the team informed on the progress of your campaign to make sure they’re carrying out their job effectively. You have to think about how they can become the best before you give them the title of your company. You have to make sure that you’re smart and in control of your digital marketing strategies. You also have to build a team that is trained and smart. It’s vital to set expectations for your salespeople, or any part of your team that might be reliant on your digital marketing department. You can’t always control their mindsets because they may see what works for someone else but not for themselves. At the end of the day, you need to show your team why they should be working with you and why they should be successful. You have to build a successful digital marketing team. This article has been written as an introduction to your own company’s digital marketing. If you still have a query and would like to review it in more detail, please feel free to contact us.

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