How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Fitness Business

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email marketing to grow your fitness business

Email marketing is a great way to drive traffic to websites and increase overall customer interest. It allows your company to be the first point of call for your potential customers, who want to know about all the things you have to offer.

Demystifying the word “email marketing”

Email marketing isn’t just about pushing out emails. It’s about messaging and making sure that you are understanding your customers and delivering the right information to them.  Email marketing allows you to deliver personalized emails to each of your clients or prospects. In conjunction with social media and SMS, an email is a great option for both your business and your clients.

Here are some of the benefits for Gyms:

  • Growing your customer base.
  • Promoting personalized and relevant events and promotions
  • Guaranteeing mindshare of your current clients – a great reminder of the value
  • Decreasing your advertising costs – sending an email is free!

Optimizing your email campaigns

Optimizing your email campaign to make the most of all your opportunities. Here are a few email marketing tips for you to start using:

  • Communicate frequently – can you use to set up an automated weekly email?
  • Calculate who to reach, and write emails for them.
  • Track which email campaigns drive the best results.
  • Don’t forget to add videos and graphics to your emails!

Avoiding common mistakes

Your email marketing strategy should optimize what you know about your prospects and customers in order to best engage with your customers.

You want people to feel engaged, and if they don’t feel engaged, they are going to stop opening your emails.

Next steps

Setup an email platform like and send your first blast!

Need more help? Reach out!

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