5 Ways to Pipit Your Google Places Page For CrossFit Marketing

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You’re insane if you don’t have a spectacular Google Places page for your CrossFit marketing. It’s probably the easiest way to get recognized locally aside from people actually driving by your facility. It’s simple to do so you better get on it. If you don’t know how to setup Google Places, check out our beginner’s guide to Google Places.

  1. Upload at least 5 high quality photos: You should strive to use some great photos of your box and make sure they have a high image quality. This will be an easy way for potential customers to gauge what your box is actually like. You might even want to include more than 10 photos because it makes you look highly active and involved. Show a mix of people such as athlete looking people as well as everyday people.

  2. Upload a video: This is a great new feature for Google Places and you should definitely utilize for CrossFit marketing. You obviously should make the video as high quality as possible. You can even make a video on your smartphone since the video quality will be decent. Just make sure you do some decent video editing and take some good shots. You can try using a service such a Fiverr if you need help editing.

  3. Get citations: Get your business listed in directories, review site, local websites and event websites. This will create buzz around the internet about your business. Also, reviews from other review sites such as CitySearch can show up in your Google Places

  4. Get reviews: Getting reviews is the ultimate social proof for our Google Places page. Do not use fake review because Google will know and they penalize you. Don’t mess with Google. You can start by simply asking a few good members if they will kindly leave a review. When you get 5 or more reviews, your star rating will show up.

Check this out:

“CrossFit NYC: The Black Box” sticks out a lot more because the stars show up. They have 20 reviews. The next closest is “CrossFit Hoboken” with 3 reviews.

  1. Write great content: Don’t just fill out your information and descriptions. Make them come alive. Make people want to join your box. What sounds better, “We are a CrossFit workout facility” or “Come in for you FREE trial membership and get in the best shape your life.” The latter sounds a little more exciting to me. Don’t be boring.

Honestly, if you can’t do this, then you should probably give up your online marketing campaign. Google Places is super easy to create and you should fill it out well enough to get new members to your CrossFit box. Do it right now.

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