Getting Insurance for Your CrossFit Box

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insurance for your crossfit box

Getting the right insurance coverage for your box can be pretty easy but it is really important to know all the facts before committing to anything. Below we will go over some things you should look for in your insurance coverage.

Compliance – There are certain thing that CrossFit HQ will need to see in order to give you full approval. This is when it really pays to have someone who has worked with other CrossFit affiliates in the past, otherwise, things can be missed.

How Long Will It Take – Getting a quote can only take a day or two, then once things are finalized it could be about a week before it is official and you can fully submit to HQ.

Who is Covered – Be sure to speak with your Insurance representative about who will be covered to work at your box. If you are having other coaches help out or possible sub for you when you need a little vacation, those people need to be covered the same as you.

What about Your Barbells – You spend a lot of money on equipment, so what is there is a flood? Be sure you have coverage on your equipment and it is in line with what you spent. Another thing to check is the coverage for bodily injury for your clients, you never want to think about clients being hurt but always be prepared.

Kids, Kids, Kids – If you are having a CrossFikids certificae sure to mention this to your Insurance provider. There is a whole different set of insurance needs that comes with having kids on site, whether it is child care of full CFK classes.

The biggest takeaways here are to find the right provider who has done it before and can answer all your questions. You may be able to find a cheap plan that is only a small amount per month, however, insurance is not something to skimp on.

If you want to see where insurance falls on the steps for opening an affiliate, just click here


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