3 Easy Referral Systems To Get More Crossfit Members

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So you want to learn how to get more Crossfit members? Referrals are one of the oldest and best ways to get new business. If you’re not currently utilizing the power of referrals – you are missing out on some major opportunities. Getting referrals is easy, bit most people don’t usually know how to go about doing it. This article will show you 3 stupid easy ways to get more referrals and build your box.

  1. Just ask: I know this sounds completely obvious, but this might be the easiest way to get more Crossfit members. This is applicable to job hunting, finding a restaurant or even a baby sitter. I’d recommend that you seek out a few loyal members of your box. If they have been members for awhile, that means they probably like your box. Simply ask them if they could recommend any new members.  If you have loyal members and you have a great box, I’d bet they’re more than  happy to recommend a person or two to come in.
  2. Offer a discount: You could try offering a discount for every referral someone brings in. If a  current members gets another person to sign up for at least a month, you could discount the referrers payment that month. You could offer half off a month of Crossfit if a member get a new person to sign up. Sometimes people might respond better to a little incentive. You’d still be making a profit from this deal and everyone wins.
  3. Give a referral: If you want to get more Crossfit members you might need to give. You shouldn’t just blindly give out referrals to people who don’t need them or if it’s not appropriate. You could give simple referrals such as referring a member a place to get a haircut or getting them a discount at a restaurant because you know the owner. Eventually, the favor might come back around to you. Don’t give referrals because you’re trying to get something out of people, but give referrals because it could actually help your members.

There are a million ways to get referrals, but these ways are simple and you should get in the habit of doing them. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive. A lot of your members could be happy to bring more clients in, but if they don’t know that you’re looking for more, they might not do it. Give that little encouragement by asking – just don’t be too pushy about it. Try these ideas out and thrive.

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