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Getting more followers on Twitter or more likes on Facebook is always a good thing right? For this conversation we will refer to all social media connections as follows. Doesn’t it makes more sense to focus on getting followers that can actually turn into clients or influence potential clients. Of course the best way is to shamelessly plug your Twitter handle on blog posts, so follow @PPL Labs!

There are people out there who can promise you thousands of new followers, so instead of 500 followers you may have 5,000. I would rather have 500 followers that are from my area, interested CrossFit or could possibly share my content to real people in their circles. Here are some tips for getting those qualified followers… and keeping them:

– Ask Relevant Questions – getting people involved is a great way to increase your followers. If people are answering your questions, their circle will see that conversation and potentially follow you as well.

– Re-tweet Interesting Things – Having hundreds of posts that speak to one topic may become mundane for a follower. Linking to interesting content and sites that followers end up click on will stick with them, they will turn to you for interesting topics. 

– Good Visuals – Your profile and your avatar are then only visuals you can show on social media. A good picture that shows your boxes name is a great way to ensure the right people will be following, no one will mistake your affiliate for something it isn’t.

 – On Repeat – This is a Twitter only tip! Twitter being a timeline of posts means that people can miss things easily. Do not be afraid to repeat a post later the same day, it may be the difference between hundreds of people seeing your message.

While it may be cool to have 5k followers, the question you have to ask is should your focus be on the hundreds of random people from out of state, or worse outside of the country, or on the few people in your area that can actually affect your business. Watch out for the trap, the promises for more followers and work on better content.

Have other questions about social media for your Box? Shoot us an e-mail and we can walk you through it!

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