5 Tips To Turn Your CrossFit Website Into A Marketing Machine

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tips to turn your CrossFit website into a marketing machine

What makes a good CrossFit website? The best CrossFit Websites are not just shiny business cards, they are marketing machines that turn interested prospects into paying members. But how do you turn your website into a machine?

In this post we’ll go over 5 key tips that will help you get there.

Tip #1 – Optimize your CrossFit Site for Online SEO

While your site may be visually appealing, that doesn’t guarantee it will be found by the search engines.

You need to provide hints to those web crawling spiders in order to create interest in your CrossFit site.

Use titles that are short and succinct with the proper keywords integrated into the content. Use the same keyword in your header tags, or H1, H2, and H3, and try to add the keyword into the URL.

Make sure you use keywords that people in your area will use. Neighborhoods, districts etc. This will help search engines drive the right people to your website.

Tip #2 – Create an Advertising Plan that Includes Pay-per-Click Ads

By using search advertising, you can target your demographic to find your local box. You can buy this affordable form of online advertising through major search engines, like Google. You can also buy similar ads through Facebook.

But be careful not to waste your money. The difference between a good ad and a bad ad can mean the difference between new members and wasted money.


Tip #3 – Create Interesting Content and share it through social networks

You likely already have a blog where you post your WOD’s. Make the most of it and share it widely.

Blogging allows you to consistently produce fresh and updated content that is interesting to your demographic. Include notes from coaches, weekly pictures from your box, nutrition advice, Olympic lifting tutorials, videos – you name it.

When integrated into social media, such as your Facebook page, your post on nutrition can be seen by 1000s of people. And some of them will visit your site and sign up.

Tip #4 – Optimize Easy-to-Fill-Out Sign-up Forms

Of course, all those SEO techniques and blog posts will not be to your benefit if you don’t include sign-up forms for your box on your website. People will show up, but where will they go?

Make sure the forms are easy to fill out. Make the process quick and simple for the prospect by including contact spaces for their name, phone, and a short message. You can then follow up at a good time for you.

Tip #5 – Analyze the Results So You Can Plan

Lastly, you’ll need to analyze and measure your marketing spend and the results.

Analyze your CrossFit program’s online marketing effectiveness by checking the number of your website’s visitors, lead-to-sale conversion rate, and how much it costs you to make those transitions.

Figure out which of your coaches are good at converting people and make sure they are the ones that do it.
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