How To Come Up With Content To Get More Crossfit Leads

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Are you having trouble coming up with new content for your business with the goal of getting more Crossfit leads? Well fret no more my friend. I’m going to show you how to constantly create new content even if you have no ideas right now.

Creating new content can be a painful process. It can be difficult whether you’re writing articles, make presentations, tweeting, making videos etc… Just be forewarned, there is no magic pill for this. You’re going to actually have to do something. You’re especially going to need to use your brain.

  1. The Topic Expander: The idea here is to keep expanding on a topic. Let’s say you run a blog that talks about coffee. List all the things that are involved with coffee. The list could include: beans, grinding, brewing techniques, roasting, flavors, equipment, accessories, blends, where the coffee is from, decaf, filters, grinders etc. The next step is to take on of those topics and expand on it. For example, you could go into where coffee beans could come from such as: Columbia, Chile, South Africa, Indonesia, etc. Then pick one of those places an expand on it. If you keep on expanding you could surely find some interesting topics that could help get more Crossfit leads. For example, “The Top 3 Coffee Beans from Indonesia”.
  2. Read: Reading is another great way to get ideas. It’s not about stealing ideas, but rather making you think about things. Try reading some good books and you’ll surely gain some insights about your own industry. Try reading books and websites that are unrelated to your industry. A book about psychology could provide dozens of insights if your industry if health and fitness.
  3. Listen: You need to listen to the world around you and observe. What are people doing? What are they talking about? What’s fashionable right now? You can get tons of topics ideas just from listening to people. Talk to all different types of people, young, old, creative, technical, etc. Sometimes people will straight up tell an interesting topic they’d love to hear about.
  4. Ask: The easiest thing you could probably do is to ask your community what they want to hear about. It may not always be what you think. You need to test your assumptions because people might not always be interested in what you think they are interested in. Create a file on your computer and just jot down some ideas that people are telling you to write about. You might be able to refine those ideas and expand on them as well which could lead to more Crossfit leads. Just ask.
  5. Make a beginners, intermediate and advanced guide: Take a topic that you’ve already talked about and write either a beginner’s, intermediate or advanced guide on it. For example, let’s say you’ve written an article called, “The Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle Mass”. Next you could try writing an advanced article for lifters who have already been working out for years. You easily take a topic and make it for beginners or for advanced people.

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