Developing a Marketing Plan for Your Box – Pt1: Goals

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The first step in developing a marketing plan for your box is to set achievable goals. Setting goals is important because you need to know what you’re shooting for. If you don’t know, you’re just blindly going anywhere.

Determine what it is that you want. Sure, we all want to make more money, but what does making more money entail. Does it mean charging more? Does it mean getting more members? Does it mean upselling and cross-selling people? Does it mean providing spectacular customer service? There are a lot of different ways to make more money and you need to figure out which ways you want to do it-that is of course making money is your goal.

A great way to know the numbers is to reverse the funnel. There are three aspects to the funnel. The first is getting traffic or getting people to know about you. You do this primarily through advertising, PR or social media. The next step is to convert the interested people into leads. The last step is to convert those leads into paying customers.

Let’s say you want an extra $1,000 in revenue per month for your box and you want to do this by getting new members. If your monthly unlimited is $200 per month, that means you’ll need to get 5 new box members.

The next step is to figure out how it costs to get each new member. You could try running a Google AdWords campaign and do some testing. Eventually, you might find out that it costs around $27 on average AdWords spend to get one new customer. This means you would need to spend about $135 on AdWords to get five new members.

Ultimately, you should figure out what your goal is and then figure out how to carry out that goal. Make your goals specific and actionable. Don’t say “I want to make money”. Say “I’m going to get 3 new personal training clients this month”. Then you can go ahead and get those clients because you know what you want. Hopefully this post has helped you clarify your goals when developing a marketing plan for your box.

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