CrossFit Marketing with YouTube

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YouTube is the largest video website in the world and it might be wise to utilize it for your CrossFit marketing. You might be thinking YouTube is only for cat videos and people getting getting hurt, but many businesses these days are cashing in on its vast reach.

The goal for you will be to make videos that are relevant, helpful as well as entertaining. I highly suggest you create some playlists. Playlists are like a folder with all similar videos. Let’s go into some types of videos you can create.

I also recommend that you get a simple introduction for your videos created. You can checkout and get one made for cheap.

  • Before and After: Remember, we’re talking about fitness here and people want to know if they’ll get results. A great way to do this is to upload before and after videos of your clients. You don’t even need to film your clients—you can simply take photos of them and edit them into a video.
  • Advice: As an owner or coach, you could just setup a camera that you talk into. In the videos you could give advice on various things such as programming, diet, exercise form, warm-ups and answer general FAQs. This could help people get acquainted with you before they even step into your box.
  • WODs: Not only can you list you WODs on your website, but you could also record videos of your members actually doing the workouts. This also gives people an idea of what it looks like to workout at your box.
  • Community: Don’t be afraid of showing videos of your community. A major reason why people like CrossFit is because of the community and people may want to see what it’s like at your box. Showing videos with your communities having fun could be great for attracting new members or get current ones more involved.
  • Events: These would be videos that are not necessarily about working out but involve your CrossFit box. This could be going to relevant events, volunteering, charity, helping the community etc.

YouTube can be a fantastic way to help with your CrossFit marketing if used correctly. If you’re going to use YouTube for CrossFit marketing then you should try to be consistent with it.

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