Coronavirus: Creating an opportunity for online businesses

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corona virus - opportunity for online businesses

When the Coronavirus outbreak started, many were fearful of what it might mean for their businesses and the economy overall. With good reason, because as we are now witnessing, businesses around the nation are being forced to close their doors for the time being while we try to get the Coronvirus under control. Whole industries are seeing massive declines in demand and lost revenue. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business, a gym, or a giant corporation like Boeing when it comes to the outbreak. All are feeling the devastating impacts.

PPL Labs wants you to know that we are here for you in this time of uncertainty. We’re here to handle any marketing request, whether it be about your website, ads, or simply just being an ear to hear what you’re going through and offer some advice. So, reach out to us and we’ll be there for you through this time. 

While it may be an uncertain and scary time as a business/owner (or anyone for that matter), there are things you can do to cushion the blow your to keep revenue coming in (hint, it has to do with the internet).

The most important thing to keep in mind is to take care of yourself. Be watchful of your health to take note of possible symptoms. Also, it’s a good idea to take extra precaution by disinfecting commonly touched objects, washing your hands, and keeping unwashed hands away from your face. It’s also very important to remember that rest is how you boost your immune system, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep with all this extra downtime. Now that we covered that, let’s move onto what you can do for your business, which PPL Labs can help with it all:

marketing campaign
1) Plan A Marketing Campaign For When Everything Gets Back To Normal

A great way to spend this downtime is to develop a marketing campaign specifically for when everything is back to normal and business operations are in full swing. What you can do is leverage the fact that people are going to be ready, more than ever, to work out, get their teeth checked, and just be in business. They are going to want to spend money on things after being couped up in their house for so long (this is great news for gyms, retailers, etc.). How can you go about this? You can do it by yourself or you can have someone like PPL Labs take care of it for you.

low facebook ad cost

2) Take Advantage Of Low Ad Costs, Higher Traffic

Per our data, advertising costs on Facebook are down over 50% right now and per Vodafone, internet traffic is up over 40%. That means there is more people scrolling timelines and feeds with fewer people advertising to them. So, more exposure for half the price? That’s definitely not something to pass up. At PPL Labs, we get this kind of data and can optimize your ads, letting you focus on making sure the business still runs during this time.

online gym

3) Move To An Online Format

This one is especially great for gyms. You can offer your classes online or you can take this as an opportunity to add a revenue stream to your business. Let’s face it, everything is digital nowadays. Yes, there are people who would rather go to a gym still, but during this time while no one can, or even after when they still can, you would be hitting a whole new audience that might not like to go to the gym but likes to workout at home. That person might have just been waiting for the right workout program to come across his timeline and because there is so much traffic combined with low-cost advertising, you were able to get YOUR workout in front of him and now he’s a loyal client.

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