Choosing the right Software for CrossFit Boxes

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When choosing software for CrossFit boxes, there are a few excellent options out there. Software has the ability to make our lives easier, but ironically it can still be a time sink by hindering productivity, especially during initial setup. In this post we’ll go over different software services for scheduling, credit card processing and WOD tracking.

The key to picking the best software for your box or fitness studio is not about find the cheapest, or the one that has the most features, but rather picking software services that are easy to use for your members, help you become more productive and ones that you actually will use.

1. Picking CrossFit scheduling software:

  • Mindbody: While this software isn’t geared solely to Crossfit, it still a great service with many options. It has built in features such as online booking, scheduling, client relationship management, automation and point-of-sale capabilities. Our customers find Mindobody more challenging to setup, but members find it easier to use. It starts at $75/month and can go up to $175/month depending on your needs.
  • Zen Planner: This software does much of the same things as Mindbody, but it can be a little cheaper. The user interface is different so that will come down to personal preference of what you like to use. Initial setup tends to be easier as the software is more geared towards CrossFit, but it has less of the polish and mobile-app compatibility. ZenPlanner starts as low as $55 and offers free trials.
  • WOD Hopper: This software is geared specifically for CrossFit affiliates. There are some pros and cons to that. While it may be cheaper than the other softwares, it may be more limited in features. Also, I believe it is only available at the app store.

2. Picking Crossfit credit card processors:

  • Authorize: This software will help you process orders and accept payments. It not only accepts credit cards, but eChecks, Mail order, telephone order and mobile. However Authorize tends to be more expensive and is not built into your scheduling software, so we don’t suggest using it unless you don’t use MB or ZP.
  • Mindbody: Mindbody also processes orders, but may not be as feature heavy as Authorize.
  • ZenPlanner: Like Mindbody, Zen Planner processes orders, but again, it may not have as many features as Authorize.

3. Picking WOD tracker:

  • Wodify: Wodify is a great service to track your WOD’s. You can get the hardware yourself or they can send it to you. Pricing is based on how many athletes you have and more people love the community feel it creates.
  • Beyond the whiteboard: This software is another great option for affiliates. While it may be cheaper than Wodify, it may as many features. But then again, you can use this software on any of your devices.

Ultimately, it’s up to you for what software services you want to use. You don’t need to be limited to only using CrossFit specific software, especially if you don’t only train CrossFit at your gym. I’d recommend picking software that you are comfortable using and one that you actually will use. Having software is one thing, but using it is something else. Figure out your needs and then determine which software will be best for your CrossFit box.

Have questions about what software to use for your box? Lets chat and we’d be happy to see what fits best for you.

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