Building a Website for Dental Practices

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website for dental practice

It’s no secret that people immediately turn to the internet when they’re looking for information about a business, especially one they’re not familiar with.  This is why building a high-quality website for dental practices is so important.  Your web presence is most likely the first impression potential patients are going to get of you, which is why you need to make sure you’re checking all the boxes to gain their trust, respect, and business!

User-Friendly Web Design

Make sure your web design is sleek and professional.  Your website design acts as a reflection of your dental practice and chances are if a potential patient visits a site that is old, poorly created, and difficult to navigate, they’ll move on to the next site.  Make sure your website is organized and thorough.  It should be easy to find important information such as your location, hours, procedures and services, dental insurance policy, and contact information on your website.  

Pages to Help Your Website for Dental Practice Stand Out

One of the best strategies to make your website for dental practice stand out among competitors and emphasize your practice’s uniqueness is including “Customer Testimonials,” and “About Us,” pages.  Including customer testimonials gives your website for dental practice an extra boost of confidence, reliability, and trust.  An “About Us” page allows potential patients an inside look at why you do what you do.  Why did you want to become a dentist? How did you start your dental practice? What are your qualifications? Who works there?  Include your office staff and hygienists, too.  In doing this you start to build a relationship with patients as they begin to get a feel for who you are.  

Boost Your SEO with Blogs

A common mistake small businesses in any sector face is not updating their website frequently enough.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge factor in making sure your website for dental practice is reaching potential patients.  While many pages of your website may not need constant updating, including a “Blog” section is an easy way to refresh your website.  Blog posts can be about any number of topics, relevant advances in dentistry, new procedures you’re offering, or takeaways from a conference, to name a few.  Blogging will not only help boost your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP), but also shows your commitment to the dental field and to frequently updating your clients.

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