20 Things We Learned in 2020

20 Things We Learned in 2020

2020 was a year of sickness, shutdown, and separation. However, it was also a year of innovation, creativity, and hard work. Here at PPL labs, we learned a lot about our work and our clients. We were able to narrow...

2020 was a year of sickness, shutdown, and separation. However, it was also a year of innovation, creativity, and hard work. Here at PPL labs, we learned a lot about our work and our clients. We were able to narrow our findings down into 20 things we learned in 2020, and here they are.

  1. Leaders are made during tough times. Small organizations were hit hard, and no one was coming to their aid. When the founder of barstool sports, Dave Portnoy, saw what was going on (and after being called out), he set up a fund to assist small businesses. He kicked off the fund with $500k of his own money. As of February 2021, the fund had raised over $34,000,000. People step up to the plate in times of great need.
  2. We were reminded to be intentional with our time and how we use it. To make the most of your time, use an automated carrier and delegate the most beneficial tasks to humans. An immense amount of time can be gained when you strategically use technology. You can do this by incorporating aNinja into your small business.
  3. People are going to disagree with us. Just because we have an internal opinion on a product or service does not mean that is what the general public thinks. It is as important as ever to research your target audience to avoid making personal decisions about business. Think like your customer.
  4. There’s always an opportunity. Times of great struggle are also times of remarkable possibility. For those who are advantageous, it can be an excellent time to capture market share, grow exposure, or even start a business. You just have to be open to them. Many troubles arose from the pandemic and businesses are formed around problems. A business is essentially an answer to a problem.
  5. People go on social media to avoid making decisions, not to make them. It is important to keep this in mind when developing virtual campaigns.
  6. Do not be afraid to pivot. We learned to branch out and work for new clients of all different industries. We utilized our knowledge and experience with both B2C and B2B clients to expand our research. This enabled us to help other agencies in need and increase our growth.
  7. Learn when to step back. This is tough during uncertain times, but having the ability to take a step back and realize things are out of your control can be crucial. It is important to relieve the pressure you are putting on yourself. Small businesses had a tough time, but it was at no fault of their own.
  8. 2020 taught us that things change in an instant. This goes for all industries- but we needed this reminder. We learned that we need to be flexible and always open to adapting and learning new things.
  9. Be authentic and real. People appreciate transparency when purchasing a product/service. We have always been big supporters of authenticity but in 2020 it became even more important for our clients.
  10. Everyone works differently. Some people work better at home, and some prefer the office. 2020 allowed us to see what it is like to work from home. We learned that a hybrid work schedule and allowing our employees to choose worked best for our enterprise.
  11. Our company is adaptable. We have the capabilities to change our direction with a client when something unforeseen occurs or when the plan does not work. And on the off chance one of our employees is unable to assist a client, their campaigns do not get put on hold. Our entire team is prepared to step in and execute the best digital marketing practices.
  12. We acknowledged that we have the advantage as a startup. We are a small team so we do great work for small businesses. We have been able to help small organizations get through hard circumstances and show results.
  13. Read the room. It is important to keep up with current events, as advertising can be inappropriate during a crisis. 2020 had an array of different headlines, and the news was constantly updating with more chaos. When a certain region, or the entire country, is in the middle of great turmoil, you need to be cautious not to be insensitive. Sometimes there are greater things to focus on and your brand will be judged based on how you respond in a crisis.
  14. Although we’ve seen this coming for years, digital marketing can completely overtake traditional marketing forms such as print and radio. Traditional promoting is less effective because tracking its performance is difficult. We can track the analytics of our digital marketing campaigns which enables us to make changes and improve. Digital is in and traditional is out.
  15. There will always be a market of people who enjoy malls, but the online shopping frenzy is not a phase. During the 3rd quarter of 2020 alone, Amazon generated total net sales of almost $96.15 billion (statista.com). The convenience of online shopping has changed the way consumers view shopping. This gives digital marketers more opportunities to advertise. The more a user online shops, the more data we collect to target them.
  16. Now more than ever, video marketing is essential. Over half of consumers claim that watching product videos increases their chances of purchasing the product (digitalmarketinginstitute.com). Videos are engaging for users and with the rapid growth of video applications such as Tik Tok, basic graphics will not get the job done.
  17. It is not effective to advertise on every digital channel. After choosing your target audience it is crucial to research which platforms reach them the best. We regularly find that Facebook and Google are great places to advertise. In contrast, only a select few clients have successfully advertised on Twitter or Linkedin. Although posting your ads across the entire internet may sound effective, it is in your best interest to focus on one or two platforms.
  18. Your website is a digital portrayal of your business. It is crucial to make a good first impression. The expectation for your business to not only have a website but to have a good one is high. We are here to help with that: https://ppllabs.com/offerings/web-design/
  19. Do not be narrow-minded about the product or service you provide. What might have once been a booming business may shift to stay up to date or stay afloat. 2020 was a great year for innovation and adaptation. Even as the world goes back to “normal”, there is no need for your business to go back to its old ways. Keep the innovation and creativity booming.
  20. Lastly, never lose track of what matters the most. For us here at PPL Labs, that’s our people and your people. Stay focused.

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