The Beginner’s Guide To Setting Up A Yelp Account

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A great Yelp page could be the difference whether a potential customer chooses to do business with your or your competitor. If your Yelp page is empty and doesn’t have any good reviews, but your competitors is filled out a little more with some decent reviews – that person will most likely choose your competitor. You don’t want this, right?

Yelp is one of the largest review sites in the world and it’s important that you have a good image on it. Yelp relies on honest feedback from customers so future customers can make informed decisions on whether or not to give you their business. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Create A Business Account

Go to:

Click the button that says “Create Free Account Now”.

Note: A business account is different than a regular Yelp account. The business account will allow you to claim your business.

You must now find your business. Your page will look like this:

Search for your business name and enter the location.

If your business doesn’t show up, you will have the option to add your business. If you have to add your business, the Yelp team may need a few days to review and add your business.

Once you find your business you must claim it. You’ll need to fill out the basic information for your business and then verify it.

To verify: Yelp will call you and they will give you code to enter.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Profile

Make sure all your business information is correct such as locations, hours, phone numbers, URL, etc. There’s a section titled “History”. This is basically a description of your business. You’ll want to write a great description about your company that gives a trustworthy feeling.

Photos are important as well. Only upload the best photos of your business. You may want to upload your logo as well. Photos are like an amplifier – they can make you look more professional or less professional.

Step 3: Get Reviews (The Ethical Way)

First things first. DO NOT write fake reviews. They will know.

If you run a Crossfit box, the best way to get reviews may simply be to ask your customers to write some reviews and ask them to be honest. Don’t ask 100 people because it may look a little fishy if your Yelp page is suddenly bombarded with reviews.

All in all, Yelp is one of those tools that can either help or hurt your business. That’s why it’s so important to have a proper account and make sure it’s filled out well.

Remember this, an unfinished Yelp account is basically sending potential customers away from your business to your competitors.

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