5 Ways to Justify CrossFit Pricing

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CrossFit pricing is one of the biggest roadblocks that prevents people from joining CrossFit. Why join CrossFit when you can join your local Globo gym for $25 a month? You need to help people realize the CrossFit is not just and gym. People don’t randomly walk-in and do whatever. There is a strong structure and purpose behind CrossFit. Help people become aware of this.


The best way to justify the price of CrossFit is for coaching. When you join a normal gym, the most personal attention you may get is a single free personal training session. With CrossFit, you have coaches pushing you every step of the way and make sure you’re doing things right. It changes things when you have a coach backing you up. You’re far more likely to see results and help people achieve their goals. Make sure people know that they won’t be going it alone when signing up for CrossFit.


Community is another way of justifying the price of CrossFit. At most regular gyms, people don’t really talk to each other let alone push each other during their workout. CrossFit is highly based in its community and not only will you have a coach supporting you, but a whole group of people. I personally believe the success of CrossFit as a brand is because of the community. It’s a way for people to be social, make friends and get in the best shape of their lives. That’s why people do CrossFit.

Online Resources

There are a thousands of resources online these days specific to CrossFit. You don’t necessarily need to be doing CrossFit to access these resources, but it doesn’t make sense if you’re not doing CrossFit. You can literally go online and find many people who are in an extremely similar situation as you and be able  to relate to them on a personal level. For example, if you want to connect with women who are over 50 and are vegetarians and do CrossFit, you could probably find these people and reach out to them.

Show Results

People usually don’t workout to not get results. What separates you from every other Globo gym? I hope the reason is that you’re getting people results. Show people what they can expect if they join CrossFit and what their results could be like if they stick with it. Don’t sell them a membership, sell them results. That’s the reason their joining. Maybe they want to look better or feel better. Show them that you can help them reach this. You could introduce them to members that are similar to them or show before-and-after pictures.


You should be getting reviews anyway, but if don’t have any good reviews online or have bad reviews, you should try to fix that. Reviews might be the first thing a person looks at when evaluating your box. What if someone is on the fence about your box, but then they see you don’t have many good reviews and decide they don’t want to join? You don’t want to be losing people over something like this. You can simply ask some of your members to leave reviews on Yelp, Google Place or other sites. Learn about setting up Google Places, Yelp and other sites.

These are some easy ways to justify your CrossFit pricing and try to communicate these ideas.

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