5 Core Principles Of Gym Marketing

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increase gym members

Every new season is the time we vow to work out more. Year after year, sometimes you continue to vow to work out, yet fail to follow through. This year, make a new vow: vow to change your gym marketing strategy. Small businesses can plan ahead by following important digital marketing principles, which will help you offer your membership to the larger world.

intelligence in marketing strategy

Clarity, Transparency and Solid Intelligence

Your gym marketing strategy should be as much about content marketing as it is about digital advertising. Create and publish content that makes your members better members with key takeaways like information on gym membership benefits or in-depth blog posts on gyms that can’t wait to give their thoughts on a new facility. Then develop highly successful sales and marketing strategies around the given content.

Good photography for marketing
Quality Media for Gym Marketing

A vision for your new space can be made through good photography, video and sound equipment as well as a good tripod. Choose a professional photographer/video/sound team that will go out and do research on your new gym’s area and how you plan to market it. Imagine having incredible audio and video, because there is nothing as satisfying as the demand that comes of it and capitalizing on that demand.

social media platforms

Research social media as well as online search engines to see who’s already using your business. Watch Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to name a few, as your numbers are steadily growing. Don’t forget that some gyms have a website, and/or Facebook or Twitter social pages. They are usually small, informal and not very efficient, as they weren’t really established to advertise. That could be why they missed out on membership sales. Keep reading for some tips on how to implement a gym marketing campaign on social media.

sharing marketign information for gyms
Sharing Information

You need to make your patrons aware, with at least thirty (30) new impressions on each Facebook post. You’ll also get much more attention from those first thirty (30) impressions as people will know that you are willing to promote yourself and that they may get something out of it, too. People like quick, relevant and tailored advertising. Create content that is structured and designed to appeal to the audience or focus on physical fitness, and make sure that it is posted daily or weekly.

increase gym members

Focus on New Memberships

People go to gyms on weekends to unwind and have fun. There might even be times when people go to gyms just to strike up conversations with their friends. If you have a trusted and recognized Facebook page, add a link to your page and make sure that you come up first when people are searching for gyms. This will give the impression that you’re a trustworthy source. One of the best ways to try it is by offering ways for leads to get information. Make it easy for people to research your brands. Right now, they have instant access to advice from experts and those people tend to be the most intelligent and savvy. Give them and the prospective members of your business valuable information for free. Doing this will build an emotionally attached target market and will increase the likelihood of conversion. Also, make sure that you show followers you are engaged with them. Create and publish interesting blog posts and share them regularly with views and shares. If your strategy focuses on the quality production of videos and audio, but you miss out on making useful analogies that explain something clearly and have a clear audience, then the content is nowhere to be found. Most people don’t like things they don’t understand. Prepare your stories to be useful and to educate your prospective members.

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